Can an average student crack UPSC?

For every person who has this question , let me ask you, “Where did you get this question from ?”

Is it from your own self or the media?

And information like these-

I have come across a lot of students who ask me about their capability and probability to crack the exam, on the very first meet.

Questions like –

‘ I was never a topper.Can i clear this exam?’

‘I come from a rural background. Can i still become IAS?’

‘ I have been a backbencher all my life. Can I prove myself in this exam?’

‘ I am a normal person from a small college in a town. Never dreamt of IITs also. Can i make IAS my dream?’

And most of the times, these questions were imported into their mind through the media or the peer group.

Hence, I choose to shed some light on two things here.

Why do more IITians clear the exam?
Can an average student clear UPSC?
For those who want to know why many IITians appear in the final list, the reason is simple and clear. Because more number of IITians write the exam.

Here is an example

Percentage wise, it is similar to any other college of India.

And if you are thinking about the prospects of an average student become IAS, here is my story-

My desire to join the civil services started when I was around 20 years old. My parents sowed the seed and they wanted me to join the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). I was neither a topper in the school nor a gold medallist in my college. In fact, I had arrears while doing graduation

But my parents taught me to dream big. The seed sown by parents kept growing. I was not successful in any of the campus interviews and so,I joined as a faculty at an engineering college. I started my preparation in the library there. I learnt about the dos and don’ts from successful civil servants. And finally , I cracked the exam with AIR 59.

I hope this shall inspire you to take Civil Services as a career, if you are dreaming about it.

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