What is the best suggestion you can give to a beginner of the UPSC?

Best suggestions for a beginner of UPSC aspirant

In this article ,I will address all those who are aspiring for a career in civil services and trying to decide whether you should pursue them or not .

1. Understand the exam.
Even before you start running the race ,you should know well about it – it’s destination ,it’s course of track, time period and efforts required.
UPSC exams end up in a career with the government(IAS,IPS,IRS etc) You will be working for the government once you clear the exam. You may be posted to any place within the country and you may have to deal with transfers and politicians. Generally it takes atleast a years preparation to clear the exam. Sometimes ,it may take a few years too. You will have to give efforts like your 10th or 12th standard exams. Rather more than that at times.
Why this suggestion ?
I have seen students pay for the course ,join the classes and then end up in a dilemma if they want to give the exam or not. It is a wastage of resources-both money and time .And it leads to unnecessary lack of confidence within the person.

2. Plan your resources
You could be a student in the final year of college,you could be a working person or you could be a married woman. If UPSC is your destination,plan your resources -time and money before you start your preparation.

Why this suggestion?
Students start their preparation and mid -way come back to me and say that they are not able to manage work and classes/preparation. They force themselves into a situation of choosing between the current job and preparation . Married women are carried away by emotions when they are unable to give their best to the children or preparation . If you are an aspirant ,plan your resources first – financial needs ,family needs and time devoted for preparation .

3. Lay out a road map.
Never venture into anything without a plan .
The crucial questions are :
1. Which year’s Prelims are you targeting ?
2. What will be your strategy?(Read answers on quora or toppers blogs before you start the preparation )
3. Will you prepare on your own or join any institute ?If yes which one and in which city ?
4. What kind of support will you require?
From Family ,Institute /Guide /Mentor ,Boss etc.

Why this suggestion ?
A well laid road map will give you conviction and save your time .Else I have seen students confused for months about how to prepare even after they have joined institutes .Confusion leads them nowhere ,rather they end up wasting time.

Once you are clear with the 3 points, it’s time to plunge into preparation .

‘UPSC is now your dream. Live by it everyday and start working towards it .’

All the best ,

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