Why do many IAS officers resign ?

A lot of aspirants ask me this question first- ‘Why did you resign ?If IAS is such a prestigious service and so respectful why did you resign ?’

Here ,I shall not just write about my reason but different reasons for resignation .

Reason 1- Most heard,but less in reality – Political Interference
While newspaper headlines might say political interference forced civil servants to resign,the reality could be something else.

Reason 2 – Less heard ,but could be a possibility – State cadre
Few officers resign at very young age within a year or two because of the state cadre. In some of the states,civil servants do not enjoy much respect and facilities like other states .

Reason 3 – Heard and more likely a possibility- Aternate career option/Passion
Some find the corporate jobs more lucrative . So they quit civil services. Some want to follow a passion .Roman Saini quit for Unacademy ,Awdhesh Singh Sir quit for his passion in writing, and some quit to start civil society organisations .

Reason 4 – Less often ,but always a possibility -Family reasons
Responsibilities or emergencies at the family have made few officers to quit service. I quit because I wanted to be with my mother in her last days of surviving cancer. After that I was drawn towards teaching and hence I decided to continue teaching as a career rather than going back to services.

There could be ‘ n’ number of reasons ,Some justifiable and some not.
However one should not be discouraged by political interference and give up on civil services. It’s a beautiful platform to serve the country and our people .
What respect !What self satisfaction ! What confidence !What self actualization!Incomparable .

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