How to clear UPSC in first attempt ?

The secret to clear UPSC in first attempt lies in the 5 Jewels of UPSC

  1. Right Knowledge
  2. Right Strategy
  3. Right Guidance
  4. Right Attitude
  5. Right Efforts

1.Right Knowledge

How often have you heard this?
‘Anything under the sun can be asked in IAS exams.’
Every aspirant who comes to me would have heard this atleast once from someone in their circles . And hence,his concern starts with how to study everything .
But the truth is ,
IAS exams have a defined syllabus ,a defined pattern and a defined time frame of asking questions. The earlier you understand this ,the quicker you will clear the exam.

How to acquire right knowledge ?
1.Stop listening to people who have never given IAS exams or not cleared Prelims at all .
2. Look at previous year question papers.
3. Read toppers blogs or answer on Quora .2. Right StrategyIf you want to clear IAS exams in first attempt,you should have the ability to look at the complete examination process from the beginning .
Prelims – Mains- Interview
If your time frame is 1 year ,then you should have the right strategy in place. You cannot clear Mains with just 3 months preparation after Prelims . Prior planning is required.

What is the optimum/right strategy ?
1. Start preparation with basic material including NCERTs.Prepare with Mains in mind .
2.You should be able to finish atleast 1 optional paper and all static portions( Polity,History ,Geography and Economy) for Mains in the first 8 months of preparation .
3. Last 4 months before Prelims- Focus on Prelims and CSAT.
4. Interview preparation needs to start immediately after writing Mains exam.

2. Right Guidance

UPSC is a dense forest and very few people have managed to walk through it . Hence ,look for right guidance .

How to get right guidance ?
1. Identify a mentor /topper and be in touch with them.
2. Identify any good teachers or institutes which can help you .
What not to do ?
1. Listening to room mates/ seniors who have not yet cleared the exam .
2. Listening to opinions of people from non UPSC field.

3. Right Attitude

IAS is a marathon and not a 100 m race. You cannot look for instant gratification of your hard work in few months. You need to be patient through 1 year of preparation and another 1 year of clearing the exam.

How to have right attitude?
1. Stay in touch with positive people .
2. Focus on the process and not results .
3. Stay away from all sorts of distractions and negative attitudes.

4. Right Efforts.

The most crucial leg of preparation . I have seen students putting in a lot of efforts but unable to clear UPSC in first few attempts . The reason is ,their efforts are not in the right direction .
Some focused too much on making perfect notes that they lost a lot of time .Some focused on improving their knowledge by reading 3 newspapers a day .They had a lot of knowledge but couldnt clear the exam .The reality is,they worked very hard but that was not the need of the exam.

What do right efforts mean?
1. Knowing which books to exactly read and what areas to focus upon
2. Knowing the best combination of online and offline resources
3. Knowing the level of importance to be given to writing skills ,language skills and various subjects knowledge. How deep to go and how much not .

Today there are so many answers on quora and so much material available online on ‘ How to prepare for IAS ‘ .But the reality is students get confused in different opinions leading to wastage of efforts.

If you have made your mind for UPSC ,get your 5 Jewels right. Nobody can stop you from clearing UPSC then .

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