How effective are online classes for IAS preparation?

With time,a lot of things evolve .Till a decade before ,we believed in the traditional teacher-student classroom model of teaching . Even as teachers we believed in the efficiency of the classroom model till a few years back .And suddenly the YouTube revolution and the convenience of online education caught our attention .And we decided to experiment with this new medium.And I am writing this blog sharing my experiences.

Online education-a revolution in itself

1. While classroom teaching was limited to a small set of audience ,online teaching gave me a sudden opportunity to interact with a huge audience at a time .
Breaking the limitations of geographical boundary ,students across India could listen to my lectures and mail me their doubts.
I was overwhelmed by the first set of responses I received after I made a course on Indian Economics on Unacademy.
Here is the link to it ,

Then came my first learning –
Online education gives an opportunity to every student anywhere in India to learn from the teacher of their choice.

2. As cities are sprawling , traffic has increased leading to long travelling hours for the commuters. And so is the problem of every aspirant who stays in one end of the city and has to attend coaching classes in the other end. They end up travelling for 2-3hours and then feel exhausted. For them online classes have been a boon .I realised this when some of my classroom students shifted to online classes.

Then came my second learning- Online classes save travelling time .

3. Working aspirants generally prefer to come in the weekend for classes. During peak season ,they have to miss even the weekend classes if they have to work overtime .
For them online classes are a convenience because they can view the recorded version at their convenience .

And hence my third learning- Online classes offer convenience in terms of viewing .

4. Offline classes do not give an option of rewind /playback .

And hence my fourth learning – When it comes to revision,online classes are very handy .

All said ,There were also a few challenges. Students cannot ask for doubts immediately in the middle of the class. Hence we came out with an alternative of solving doubts through mail /whatsapp .

I got connected to a lot of students from different states particularly small towns since we have launched an online version of Officers IAS Academy.

I am a person of 1970s. There was a lot of reluctance in accepting the new technology when it came to us first. But when I saw I am touching many more lives than before through my teaching ,it increased  my enthusiasm.

Today our online presence is not just limited to one platform but the following –

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