Myths around IAS preparation

Myth 1 – You need to be extremely intelligent to crack this exam.

And the truth is – ‘Israel Jebasingh ,an average student of a middle class background cleared UPSC without learning any rocket science .’

Myth 2 – You should study for 16 hours a day .

And the truth is – I was working as a teacher during my preparation .Not just me ,many of my students are working full time and are preparing .They also clear the exam with few hours of dedicated study every day.

Myth 3 – If you are from top institutes like IITs and IIMs only then you can top the exam.

And the truth is – UPSC gives fair chance to everybody. Look at the toppers list of last few years. It’s a mix of students from various universities and backgrounds.

Myth 4 – If you want to top the exam ,you must go to Delhi (Rajendra Nagar) for preparation .

And the truth is- I never went to Delhi. My students never went to Delhi .We still became IAS. Today with enough resources online and dedication ,anything is possible from anywhere.

Myth 5 – You should have good handwriting to score well in Mains exam.

And the truth is – Your handwriting should be legible for the examiner to understand.

Myth 6 – The Interview board awards marks based on favouritism and bribe.

And the truth is – Read my answer on how interviewer awards marks

Myth 7 – More seats are reserved for North Indian states.

And the truth is – UPSC gives fair chance to everybody based on merit.

Myth 8 – To top this exams,you should sacrifice all your relationships ,hobbies and recreation.

And the truth is – If you know your priorities well and you know to manage them ,you needn’t sacrifice anything.

Myth 9 – Most of the engineers are only become IAS officers .

And the truth is – Most of the engineers only take up the exam. So their chance of clearing looks higher.

Myth 10 – It is the toughest exam .

And the truth is – It’s a pyschological fear created to keep the service prestigious . If you can fight your inner fear ,the myth will shatter !


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