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Amrita Banerjee – Indian Foreign Service 2016 Batch

“Civil Services was never just a career for me, it was service to my nation, it was a vocation which I felt was my true calling. I always wanted to serve my beautiful country and help my fellow citizens by touching their lives meaningfully- and civil services was just the right platform.


Coming from Jharkhand, my only dream was to make it big one day so as to be able to live life on my own terms. Being the first one in the family to tread in this path made every step difficult.


However the harder part was not the academia but the emotional turbulence in those preparation years. But I was determined to win and this will power made all the difference. Academic achievements gave me confidence inch by inch.


It is said that the most trying situations in life bring out the best in you and reveal your exemplary inner strength and courage. This is exactly what happened with me too because I had a dream that never let me rest or be at peace. I loved this dream, loved working hard for it and believed in its potency.


And then on 10th May, 2016 when the result of the Civil Services was declared and life changed forever.

The real journey of a civil servant starts only after clearing the exam.


As I walked into the gates of the LBSNAA, I felt like I was walking through my dream. LBSNAA was the oasis that celebrated similarities, differences, opinions, ideas and creativity. While on one side, it brought the inter-service camaraderie; on the other it instilled in us the feeling of esprit de corps.


The subsequent fast paced training at the Foreign Service Institute at New Delhi along with its plethora of training modules gave a sneak peek into the exciting and challenging world of diplomacy. The successful completion of the Language Training and the work as the Third Secretary at the Indian Embassy, Madrid (Spain) gave me a first hand and practical working knowledge about the expectations and life of a diplomat.


I would say that Foreign Service opens a different world view altogether and gives an individual a world stage to act upon.


Working abroad is a constant challenge with India’s rising stature, greater outreach and social media connect.


Yet there is a space for doing things differently and setting an example worthy of emulation. In this regard, the life of a Foreign Service officer is diverse to say the least. To be posted all over the world in different countries including far flung and difficult situations is both challenging and exciting.


There are various shades to the services- some bright and inspiring and others dull and de-motivating.

The dilemma and predicament of the services can always be solved in the words of Rabindranath Tagore-


‘Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,…

Where words come out from the depth of truth,

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection…

In to that heaven of freedom, my Father,

Let my country awake.’


Always  remember that in order to shine like the Sun, first you have to burn like it. And only then you can script your own inspirational and successful stories!”


Amrita Banerjee

Indian Foreign Service – 2016 Batch

Source : https://goo.gl/NBZgbx


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