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Gopalkrishna Ronanki – IAS 2017 Batch

“Every year, only a small fraction of Civil Services aspirants fulfill their dream of cracking the exam.Different aspirants have different stories. But the common theme in all the successes is the relentless hard work.

My story is one such story- unique with that same common thread.

I am Gopalakrishna Ronanki and I come from Parasamba, a remote village in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh.

Born in an agricultural family to illiterate parents, I attended elementary education in the government primary school at my village. For High school, I walked 8 kms on foot.

Then I attended Govt Junior College in a nearby town for my intermediate. But due to financial constraints, I needed a job as soon as I could find one. So after my intermediate, I wrote the teacher training entrance test, got a rank, and joined a 2 year teacher training course. After completion of my D.Ed (Diploma in Education) course, I got selected as a Govt primary school teacher at the age of 20. And that could have been me – for the rest of my life.

But we have to search for opportunities to move ahead in life. You have to dream big.

While working as a primary school teacher, I completed my B.Sc graduation through Distance Education from Andhra University. I decided to write Civil Services Exam in 2006. From that day on, I have been preparing for this exam.

When I decided to write Civils, I faced a lot of criticism from my colleagues and friends – they said you don’t even know good English. But I did not care. I had decided.

Life has taught me to win against the odds. Up to Intermediate, my house had no electricity. Even today my village has no newspaper.

Initially it was overwhelming and I had a lot on my plate. But over time, I kept inching closer.

I read the syllabus and previous question papers. After that I read NCERT books from class VIII to XII. Then I chose some standard books and read them again and again.

I took my first attempt in 2011 but failed in the preliminary. In 2014 and 2015 also I couldn’t succeed. 2016 was my 4th attempt and I got the All India 3rd rank.

I wrote my mains in Telugu medium and my optional subject was also Telugu Literature. I gave my personality test in Telugu language with the help of a translator.

So you see, nothing can stop you if you won’t stop.”

Gopalkrishna Ronanki
IAS 2017 Batch
Andhra Pradesh Cadre


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