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      Sweta Agarwal – IAS 2016 Batch

“It was the attraction towards the Khaki uniform that sowed the seeds of my Civil Services dream. My five year old self was so drawn towards the Khaki donned by the officers of the police station close to my house that I wanted to immediately start putting criminals behind bars while playing with my plastic gun and trying to imitate the cops from the movies to the best of my ability as a child. Little did I realize that this fascination for the Khaki would transpire into something much bigger than what my young self could have envisaged. It was the beginning of an ambition that steered my life since then.

But life is never easy, and like every other human being, I had my own share of peaks and troughs. Coming from a conservative Marwari family where education in general was not very valued and girl education in particular was frowned upon, my journey saw its own twists and turns. From becoming the first female graduate of the family, to stepping outside for a job in an MNC, to quitting the job later to pursue my IAS dream, to constantly fighting people who believed that marriage is the ultimate goal of a woman’s life; my journey meandered along different obstacles that tested my grit, my determination, and my courage. But as they say, nothing big in life comes easy; and since when has easy been worth it!

I come from a town called Bhadreshwar and the only thing I had to push me was my dream. I wanted to do something big in my life and not just settle for what others decided for me. Today I am standing at the cusp of another interesting experience as I ready myself to go to the field and serve the people of this country; and all I want to say is that what sees you through the most difficult phase of achieving your dreams is your zeal, your will power, and the hard work you are ready to put in. Whatever you want to achieve, if you are ready to do everything for it, eventually you will achieve it. And trust me, when you try that hard, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve your goal.”

Sweta Agarwal
IAS 2016 Batch
West Bengal Cadre


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