About Us

Officers IAS Academy is the only UPSC (Civil Services) coaching institute in India that is founded and run by a Seven-member team of former Civil Servants (IAS, IRS and IRAS). Comprised of passionate and like-minded individuals, these highly accomplished and respected Civil Servants resigned/retired from service to embark on a mission to teach and mentor UPSC aspirants and in the process nurture and create the next generation of Civil Servants.

What sets apart Officers IAS Academy from the numerous coaching institutes that have proliferated is the academic excellence that is fostered through a core faculty who have not only cleared all stages of the examination (Prelims, Mains and Interview), but have gone on to serve this nation with distinction. Teachers who are achievers themselves. This is backed by a highly relevant pedagogy, rigorous coaching schedule, a rhythm of preparation, evaluation and feedback, and personal mentoring.

Our teaching methods are rooted in certain time tested principles, which lead students to understand the basics and encourage them to question the facts and concepts, rather than just accepting them blindly. Our effort is not only to provide them with a roadmap to their dream of entering the Civil Services, but continuously supporting them along this marathon journey, tracking individual progress and making course corrections.

At Officers IAS Academy, our ultimate endeavour is to emulate the Gurukul System where the students are trained by the Gurus to achieve what the Gurus have themselves achieved.

At Officers IAS Academy we are driven by our guiding purpose “Create Better Civil Servants”. What does this mean? We don’t just prepare the students to crack the exam, instead it is our intent to produce officers who have compassion for the poor and the needy, possess integrity, act with impartiality and never waver from the path of what is right. In short make our students stand for something and make a difference.


The Salient features of Officers IAS Academy :

Our Director himself has cleared not once but twice (Once IRTS and then IAS – 2004 batch, All India Rank – 59) all 3 stages of Civil Service Exams, Prelims, Mains and Interview successfully.

Our Associate Director- Mr Rangarajan (IAS – 2005 batch, All India Rank – 46), despite being a Chartered Accountant, took the challenge of Civil Service Exam and cleared it with an All India 46th Rank in the year 2005. After serving for few years, he had turned his attention towards academics and presently teaching students of Officers IAS Academy.

Our Advisor & Visiting Faculty Mr.S. Subramhanyan, IRAS-1979 Batch Retired as Additional Member, Railway Board. His recommendations to Alagh Committee for Civil Service Reforms, resulted in a major change in the Civil Services Examination Pattern.

Our Chief Coach and Mentor Sri R.Satapathy is a retired IAS Officer of 1972 Batch. After joining IAS in 1972 he worked in many important departments of Government of Tamil Nadu & Government of India. He rose to the rank of Chief Secretary and retired as such in 2008.

Our Coach and Mentor Mr S.Saravana Kumaran IRS (Formerly Joint Commissioner- Income Tax) Has passed UPSC Twice, First he became IRTS in 2000 and then IRS in 2004. Our Director & Associate Director teach 60% syllabus of Prelims and Mains & 100% of Interview module.

All the test papers are evaluated and feedback is given by Director & Associate Director. From 8.AM to 8 PM on all 365 days, our Director and Associate Director are available at OFFICERS IAS ACADEMY for coaching, guidance, doubt clearance and individual attention of students.

Separate class is conducted to guide students on How to read “The Hindu” News Paper for preparing current affairs.To guide students on Essay Writing, separate class is conducted and practice given.

Each and every answers sheets are moderated by Officers and feedback given to students.

Experienced teaching faculties who themselves have gone up to Interview Stage of Civil Service

Examination will be handling the classes along with the Director.

Guest Lectures by Serving IAS / IFS / IPS Officers. Answer writing Practice for each and every student.

Test after every lecture to give practice.

Weekly test on par with UPSC questions which is compulsory, without which students are not allowed to sit in next class.

Stress Management Modules before Prelims, Mains, Interview.

Highest success rate in IAS Coaching in the entire country (In 2015 Exam, 21 out of 47 students got into IAS/IFS/IPS) & ( In 2016 Exam, 41 out of 180 Students got into the services).

Limited students in each class, so that individual attention is ensured.

Study hall for students can be used from 04.30AM to 8.30PM on all 365 days, so that students can study during free time other than class hours.

Digital Library for students to refer Government Websites and other online sources related to Civil Service Examination.

Complete study materials will be provided by the academy.

Cafeteria facilities also available.