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OBC Creamy and non creamy layer -How to get OBC certificate ?

What is OBC?

Other Backward Class (OBC) is a collective term used by the Government of India to classify castes which are socially and educationally disadvantaged. It is one of several official classifications of the population of India, along with Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SCs and STs).

How do I know if I belong to OBC or not  ?


The above link will help you decide if you belong to BC (Backward class) community. Further ,BC is classified into creamy layer and non creamy layer. If you belong to Non creamy layer ,then you belong to OBC.

What is Creamy layer ?

The term creamy layer was first coined by Justice Krishna Iyer in 1975 in State of Kerala vs NM Thomas case, wherein he observed that the benefits of reservation are snatched away by the top creamy layer of the ‘backward’ caste or class, thus keeping the weakest among the weak always weak.

They are not eligible for government sponsored benefits in education and employment.

In UPSC, there are separate cutoffs for the General category and OBC category .The cutoff of the OBC category is slightly lower than the General Cutoff.

The  candidates belonging to creamy layer are taken under “General Category’

Please Note -The creamy layer is only applicable in the case of Other Backward Castes and not applicable on other group like SC or ST. 

Who belongs to Creamy layer ?

For children of persons in civil services, please note that the below list belongs to creamy layer

Important Note –

  1.         If you belong to creamy layer because of the above conditions ,you will continue to fall in creamy layer even after your parents retire from service.
  2. .       YOUR INCOME/STATUS DOES NOT MATTERCreamy layer is based on the status of your parents and has nothing to do with your income/status nor the status/income of your spouse.
  3. .       Eligibility regarding  government employee is based upon his level, and not his salary. Example –If your parents are earning 7 lakhs and they are below group B officers ,you will still come under ‘NON CREAMY LAYER.’



If you  are not able to establish equivalence vis-à-vis government jobs,then

Compute the income of your parents from salaries and income from other sources separately.(Income from other sources excludes salaries and agricultural land)

Income from Salaries(FOR 3 CONSECUTIVE YEARS) Income from other sources(FOR 3 CONSECUTIVE YEARS) STATUS
More than 6 lakhs More than 6 lakhs CREAMY LAYER
Less than 6 lakhs More than 6 lakhs CREAMY LAYER
More than 6 lakhs Less than 6lakhs CREAMY LAYER
Less than 6 lakhs Less than 6 lakhs NON CREAMY LAYER


Professional class means doctor, lawyer, management consultant , artist, film actor, engineer, architect, sportsperson, media professional , etc.

If the Gross annual income is less than 6 lakhs and wealth is above exemption limit , you shall be treated as “CREAMY LAYER”.

Note -For computation of gross annual income, do not include ‘Income from salaries and income from agricultural land’

I belong to non creamy layer .How do I get certicate for the UPSC exam ?

OBC certificate along with ‘non creamy layer’ mention has to be obtained from the local Tahsildar.

What is the validity period of my OBC certificate ?