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Snippets from a Life in Service – 3

Adarsh Misra, IAS, AGMUT   Apart from taking State wise stock of damage caused by the Tsunami of 2004, Planning Commission was tasked with designing the reconstruction and rehabilitation and I was asked to projectise and secure funds for the same. Lakhs of people had suffered loss of lives, limbs, livestock and land in the […]

Snippets from a Life in Service – 2

Adarsh Misra, IAS, AGMUT   Polio Eradication and elimination programme: How to use PMO when a State delays implementation.   This article is about how to use PMO when implementing a Concurrent List Programme. Health being a Concurrent List Programme was always a difficult programme to implement to one’s satisfaction as performance would invariably lag […]

Snippets from a Life in Service – 1

Adarsh Misra, IAS, AGMUT   A Tiger at Barep Point on Road to Lazu in Tirap Distict, Arunachal Pradesh (erstwhile N.E.F.A.) Arunachal Pradesh, erstwhile N.E.F.A., is situated at the northeastern-most tip of India. Tirap District is the area which curls in like a sock turned back towards India at the tip of the map of […]

Making the Last Lap Count

J.K. Sinha IPS Mahatma Gandhi said that “Poverty is the worst kind of violence”. The worst victims of this violence are, perhaps, the musahar community of Bihar, whose population is estimated to be 4.5-5 million. Shunned by the society and exploited by the rural elite, the musahars are predominantly landless agricultural labourers, many among them […]

The Green Journey

Anjula Karki IAS I look back on the year spent at the Academy starting 1967 as a period of serious study, active interaction with colleagues, enthusiastic participation in extra-curricular activities and festivities. We were youngsters and these were the first steps on our journey to becoming public servants. We remember these years that opened the […]

Implementing Large Projects – The Tamilnadu Experience

Srinivasan Arvind IAS Implementing large projects in Government whether in the public sector or through public private participation is a major challenge faced by civil servants. This challenge emerges out of the fact that these projects require meticulous planning of project objectives and means to achieve these objectives as also effective implementation of the project. […]


Jagdish Joshi IAS   (This article was written sometimes in 2014 after the rape and murder of two girls in Badaun)   The tragic and brutal rape and murder of two teenage girls in District Badaun of Uttar Pradesh recently drew diverse reactions and comments in the media from politicians and social scientists. Besides condemning […]

Say ‘Never’ to Lokpal

Ashok Kapur IAS   The unexpected results of the Delhi assembly elections have resurrected the debate about the moribund Lokpal Bill. It will be recalled that the Bill was drafted under extreme street pressure in the wake of protest against corruption in public life.   In principle, the need for steps against corruption, including legislative […]

The Turbulent Years

Samar Vijay Singh IPS   The eighties were the years of terrorism in Punjab. Sporadic incidents had started taking place even earlier. A major incident was the assassination of Lala Jagat Narain, the octogenarian freedom fighter and editor of Hind Samachar Group of Newspapers of Jalandhar, on the National Highway (Shershah Suri Marg) on9.9.1981 in […]