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From UID to Aadhaar

Rajeeva Ratna Shah IAS   This is the story of an acorn which held in its shell seeds of great potential. Initially when sown it refused to germinate. But with tender care and persistent and prolonged nurture it threw up green shoots. As its roots gained ground the green shoots proliferated till the acorn became […]

Looking Back

Dr U K Sen IRS (Customs & Excise)   That was towards the end of February, 1968.   The taxi slowly climbed past Library Bazaar, a sleepy area in the city of   Mussoorie. I could sense a kind of stillness as it trudged its way towards the Academy. Chunks of ice could be seen […]

Neem and Jaggery

Rathi Vinay Jha IAS   Ugadi was a festival my mother always celebrated in Mysore, where I spent my childhood. It heralded each new year with the bitter taste of fresh sprigs of neem flowers tempered with coconut and sweetened by jaggery, which taught us to anticipate and accept the combination of bitterness and sweetness […]

Memories of Madhya Pradesh

B. K. Saha IAS I was a keen photographer then and had been doing my own enlargements (black and white) since 1958. Dawra was in charge of Culture which included the photo processing lab (dark room). He had a budget of Rs. 150 for this was looking for photographers from among us who could get […]

Curse of Grabbing others’ Butter

Surendra Bhargava IRS (Income tax) At the time of selection to Revenue Service, I was lean and thin, weighing 100 lbs. However, I believed the popular perception that Income tax department can ‘fatten’ anyone! May be that’s why I had gladly jumped at the option. Jokes apart, my father, who was with the state government […]

Negotiations with Bodo Liberation Tigers (1999)

Dr. P.D. Shenoy IAS   Bodos are the plainland tribals settled on the upper valley of the Brahmaputra river in Assam. Their region is very backward compared to the rest of Assam. There are four airports in Assam, viz., Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Jorhat and Tezpur, but none in the Bodo inhabited area. There was no college […]

Treading Down Memory Lane

Adhip Chaudhury IAS   “Time”, they say, “flies”. Today, I am convinced that time does not merely fly but flies at the speed of light. 14th July, 1967 is yet etched so fresh in my mind. That was the D-day on which I joined the Indian Administrative Service at the National Academy of Administration (NAA). […]

In Pursuit of Probity

S. Bagga IAS   APOLOGY   “A man that is born falls into a dream like a man who falls into the sea. If he tries to climb out into the air as inexperienced people endeavor to do, he drowns … No! I tell you! The way is to the destructive element submit yourself, and […]

RCVP Noronha – A Tribute

Probir Sen IAS   “Their shoulders held the sky suspended; They stood, and earth’s foundations stay; What God abandoned, these defended And saved the sum of things for pay.”   These memorable lines of A E Houseman, were a favorite of RCVP Noronha, Administrator nonpareil, and to my mind, the finest civil servant of his […]

Golden Jubilee Reveries

Vijay Nambiar IFS   Three snatches of memories stretching across fifty years, encompassing a lifetime in the service of the Government of India:   Circa July 1967. On the lawns of Hotel Charleville at the Academy, the latest batch of probationers foregather in their black “bandgallahs” and colourful sarees, for their first formal banquet under […]