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Ethical Dilemmas in Public Service

K. Taimni, IAS. Madhya Pradesh Cadre, 1968 Batch   “The Light of God surrounds us, The love of God unfolds us, The Power of God, protects us, and The Presence of God watches over us” There are three words in the ‘title’ – Public Service, Ethics and Dilemma – each having a very significant role […]

How does a UPSC aspirant plan a day ?

We have heard great lines and great people talk about planning and it’s importance . And this concept of planning has attracted interest from researchers to management scientists. A lot of answers on Quora have laid down a day’s schedule of a UPSC aspirant ,which is worth emulating . However I believe planning is an […]

How to choose optional subject for UPSC ?

Usually a candidate chooses his optional considering one of the following factors : 1.Take the same optional his room mate/friend/senior has taken. 2.Try to find out which optional was given highest marks in previous years and take that. 3. Depending on the goodwill of a particular coaching institute. 4. Subject of graduation 5.Blind choice -Inky […]