My Encounter with HIV/AIDS

Sudhir Varma IAS   The year 1991 began on an academically fruitful note. I received an invitation from the Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK to spend six weeks on doing research on the issues concerning the strengthening of the role of women representatives at the Panchayati raj level in India. While I was working […]

Son of Haryana

Shankar Minakshisundaram IAS   My first posting in the newly formed state of Haryana was as Assistant Commissioner (Training) in Jind in June 1968. In those days Jind was at best an overgrown village. It was such a cultural shock for me that I seriously considered chucking it all up and returning to academia and […]

Fading Memories and Aching Limbs?

Hemendra Kumar IAS At seventy plus, I find that my limbs start aching after even a moderately strenuous physical activity. Fortunately, memories die hard. It is always a pleasure to recall events from yesteryears when the limbs were stronger. Who can forget the carefree and fun filled Academy days or early part of the career? […]

My first Chief Minister

Jagdish Joshi IAS The year was 1972 and I had recently joined General Administration Department as the Resident Under Secretary. That post carried some importance those days which entitled him to a rent-free accommodation and services of a peon twenty-four into seven. I was then occupying cottage C-1 Madame Cama Road right beside the iconic […]

Reminiscences of a Police Officer

Shivaji Mahan Cairae IPS I joined IPS on 20.7.1967, at the Academy, Mussoorie. My Grand Mother was opposed to the Police Service; and would not bestow benediction on me unless, I abjured dishonesty, prostitution, gambling and Alcohol; which I did. Mr. M. G. Pimputkar, I.C.S. was the Director of the Academy, whose stress was on […]

A Life Beyond

Vinay Jha IAS, Class of 1967  It was perhaps in the winter of 1964-65 that I met Iris Murdoch in the Arts Faculty of Delhi University where I was studying for my MA in English Literature. On the sides of the meeting I showed her some of my poems. Her comments encouraged me to continue […]

The Gift of Failure

  Thomas Edison’s most memorable invention was the light bulb, which took him 1,000 tries before he developed a successful prototype. “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” a reporter asked. “I didn’t fail 1,000 times,” Edison responded. “The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”   You did not clear the exam? […]

IAS Success Principles

Do you feel like the whole wide world around you is moving at a fast pace and yet you are stuck in your place? Do you envy the people who are living their dream at LBSNAA and yet all you do is just dream? Are you wondering if you could make more out of your […]

Civil Services, Uncivil Transfers

Kamal Kant Misra IAS During our training as probationers at Mussoorie, we were told of a senior ICS officer on deputation to Central Government who was repatriated to his home State unceremoniously. Since the party in power at the Centre was also in power in the State, the officer was treated badly on his return. […]

A Life in Three Acts

Karti Sandilya IFS If you had told me, in early 1967, that I would be a bureaucrat, I wouldn’t have believed you. I was set on being a lawyer in the Madras High Court, hoping to make a name for myself in constitutional law. But plans changed, when my father died soon after the UPSC […]