Officers IAS Academy distinguishes itself from other UPSC coaching institutions through its pedigree, its investment, and focus on a number of aspects that ensures the student is at the epicentre of everything we teach and do. And thereby ensuring their success.


As the only UPSC coaching academy started by a group of like-minded former Civil Servants, our pedagogy is designed and delivered by experts who have not only cleared all stages of the UPSC examination and that too on many occasions, but have gone on to serve this nation with great distinction. Students are taught what is essential to pass each stage, each with its own expectations and nuance. In short students experience “Inside the Mind of the UPSC examiner”.

Precision Delivery of Syllabus

Given the vast amount of reading material that is readily accessible it becomes all too easy for a student to be swamped by the sheer volume of what to read. We instead focus on ‘Precision Delivery’ of the syllabus. Having coached thousands of students since inception, with a successful track record, we know exactly which portions matter, and what needs to be covered within that. Which means students are able to cover exactly what is needed for the examination without a feeling of incompleteness.

Rigorous testing, evaluation and feedback

Many students (and their parents!) tell us that the rigorous schedule we follow at the academy is the biggest source of reassurance and confidence. Every Monday is Test Day (Weekly Tests), and students are expected to compulsorily take it as well as prepare for it. This is a shared responsibility as well – our “Dream Team” faculty diligently evaluate the answer papers and give personal feedback.

Mentoring Program

‘Hansei’ (Japanese for Mirror) is a unique mentoring program to help our students handle the preparation overload and guide them in this marathon. Each fortnight the mentor and mentee meet to uncover weaknesses, arrive at a plan to address it, review progress or simply have a heart-to-heart chat. Special sessions are conducted for students in areas such as Time Management, Stress Management, Focus and Essay Writing.

Experienced Faculty

We are fortunate that our “Dream Team” of faculty are not only experts in their subjects and teach as per the syllabus, but they have the unique ability to predict the mind of the examiner. These are gurus who have not only cracked the UPSC exam but gone on to serve as Civil Servants – giving them unique insights and perspectives on what it takes to succeed and to serve. But most importantly they have a passion for teaching and go over and beyond to clarify the doubts and explain concepts so our students are confident about cracking the exam.

Course Material and Tests Series

The pedigree of the founders, and the highly experienced and passionate faculty, is reflected in the course material and the tests series and supporting guides that we provide to the students. But we go one step ahead through our unique ability to ‘predict’ based on the current events around us and past papers, the questions that are most likely to be asked in the UPSC examination. This, on top of everything that we teach and impart, is the icing on the cake.

While each of the points highlighted above is important by itself, taken together, they constitute the very nucleus of Officers IAS Academy. This nucleus (or “kendraka”) and the resulting experience that we impart to our students is through our pedagogy, the best in the industry faculty, a unique mentorship program that puts students on the right track through highly personalised guidance, passion for what we do, and great insight on what it takes to crack the IAS exam – something that can come only if one has experienced it.