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February 17, 2017
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February 24, 2017

How to read Economic Survey- Part 3

Hi friends,

In the earlier blogs, we have seen how to read Chapters 1 to 10 of the Economic Survey. Now, we will see from Chapter 11 onwards.

Chapter 11- One Economic India: For Goods and in the Eyes of the Constitution

India’s internal trade in goods seems surprisingly robust. This chapter lists out the reasons for the same.(Section 1)

Section 2 deals with the Constitutional provisions related to internal trade and few SC judgements. Please make your notes out of them.


There is an International comparison as well as comparison with WTO. Just read through once.

Ignore all the appendixes and tables that follow.

Chapter 12 -India on the Move and Churning:New Evidence

This chapter talks about increasing migration amongst the states . A lot of data and studies are presented. If you do not have time, just read the introduction and conclusion.

Chapter 13-The ‘Other Indias’: Two Analytical Narratives (Redistributive and Natural Resources) on States’ Development

This chapter focuses on development in Special Category states and states with abundant natural resources. There is lot of data and studies. Ignore them and gather the core points to make notes on ‘analysis of these two developmental models.’

Also read the box item on SC judgement on mining in Goa.

Chapter 14 -From Competitive Federalism to Competitive Sub-Federalism: Cities as Dynamos

In this chapter you will find –

  • the challenges of urban local governance
  • schemes for urban rejuvenation


Read the Conclusion for some suggestions on development of urban governance.

With this, your preparation of Economic Survey comes to an end. All the best !


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Good luck !



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