Hansei (Mentoring)

Message from Head-Mentoring

A recent innovation has been the rollout of a well thought of mentoring program called ‘Hansei’ (Japanese for Mirror). We recognise that having a dream by itself is not enough for these students. Once they start their preparation it is easy to get overwhelmed with the vast syllabus that needs to be studied, the peer pressure and the time constraints.

More often than not, most students are not aware of their areas of weakness nor how to overcome them. This becomes a self-fulfilling cycle that derails many a student. What makes this more than a placeholder is that we have identified a group of mentors who are either serving in the Civil Service or retired from it, and assigned to them students. The mentor and mentee meet according to a set calendar and the aspirant’s progress is reviewed, weakness identified and a remedial program is put in place.

By working closely with the IAS aspirant, and understanding their aspirations and preparation, we are better equipped to guide them truthfully and precisely. We do this quite literally by holding a mirror to them and pointing out their gaps so they can self-reflect, and then work with us to fix those weakness so their ch