Natasha's Story

My Dream. My Journey.

How Officers IAS Academy is Shaping Me to be a Civil Servant

It has been my dream to be a civil servant since I was a little girl, a time when I certainly didn’t have much idea about what it takes to become one. But as I grew up, that dream stayed on and finally I’m at a point where I am closer to achieving it.

Like every other student I too researched many institutes before finalising my decision of joining Officers IAS Academy. Besides aspects such as a safer location which parents feel more secure in sending their children to, what attracted me was the faculty. The fact that there are IAS officers with vast amount of experience running the institute, many other retired officers and current officers being a part of the faculty and those who have a great deal of knowledge and experience with the understanding of how to approach a UPSC examination gave me, as an aspirant, the confidence in being a part of the institute. In addition to having such a knowledge rich faculty the opportunity to tap into round the clock assistance and guidance was comforting.

As an aspirant I faced many dilemmas such as how to approach the exam in the best possible manner, what study resources to go through and how to have a systematic approach. The academy has given me that clarity and is helping me at every stage. The availability of every teacher after or between breaks to sort all my queries without delay was something that I was seeking in order not to keep piling on doubts. Besides the mentorship programme, ‘Hansei’, has also been a great deal of help by helping me not only strategise for the exam but by giving me frequent morale boosts, something which is very essential while approaching an examination like this. The materials provided to us constantly apart from the standard materials that aspirants buy and read as prescribed by the UPSC, the presentations used to teach us, their own consolidated material books, personalised websites for current affairs, and regular test schedules from the beginning of the course gives the academy an edge, while constantly keeping us on our toes and helping us progress systematically and with discipline.

While considering other institutes I realised that not only did Officers IAS Academy deserve the positive reviews and word of mouth, but was able to consistently garner wonderful results in a short period of time. Another heartening feature of the institute is its conscious decision to restrict the size of the batches in order to ensure a personalised approach. And for me that is a very important aspect, else the process becomes robotic and stressful. These are some of the reasons why I am happy in my choice and why I recommend the academy to future aspirants who ask me my opinion. Undoubtedly, I have and am sure to have many concerns about my preparations or test scores but every one of them has been promptly dealt with either by the Director himself, the subject teacher or my mentor which helps me move forward in my preparations. Barriers are bound to come but the academy has provided me ways to overcome such barriers for which I am thankful for. Therefore I am thankful for whatever the institute has given me in these past few months and I see the possibility of my childhood dream turning into reality with the guidance of Officers IAS Academy.

Natasha Ponnappa

Batch 2017