Program Desk

A unique aspect of the programs we conduct is the thoughtfulness that has gone into the curriculum design so as to optimise the number of sessions and the time spent by the students in preparation while ensuring the syllabus is covered in a balanced mix of comprehensive and foundational manner and thereby giving the students the confidence to attack all three stages of the exam, successfully, in the very first attempt.

General Studies – Prelims cum Mains

Covers the complete GS (General Studies) syllabus for both the preliminary and mains examination. In addition it includes crash course, test series and mock interview boards. Our most popular package. Duration is 17 months.

Optional Program

Exclusively focused on the optional paper, the students have the opportunity to be coached on one of the following optional subjects – Public Administration | Anthropology| | Political Science and International relations | Geography | History | Law | Sociology | Economics | Psychology| Tamil Literature | Commerce and Accountancy | Geology | English Literature | Mathematics | Geology |

Engineering : Civil , Mechanical and Electrical | Sanskrit Literature |

Crash Course Program

This specially designed program is meant for those who have taken the Prelims and Mains in the past or those who are already in service. The entire syllabus is covered on a war footing.

Interview Program

Another exclusive program, this helps the students prepare for the interview stage – the final hurdle before becoming a Civil Servant. Our mock interview boards are comprised of literally a who’s who of Civil Servants (serving and former) and other well known personalities. This in-depth, and highly acclaimed program gives you the confidence it takes to appear in front of the board.

Test Series

This is a well thought of and highly predictive question bank, separately for the Prelims and Mains. These questions are on par with the UPSC format, and is followed by intensive test discussions. Our popular test series gives students the confidence they need to face the real exam successfully. Combination of both offline and online options.

Postal Coaching & Online Coaching

We offer this facility for aspirants who cannot come down to Chennai. Study material for both Prelims and Mains are made available to the students for General Studies, Current Affairs (via email) as well as Test Series.

Aside from covering the syllabus for the UPSC Prelims and Mains, separate classes are conducted to guide the aspirants on How to read “The Hindu”, note taking, essay writing, answer writing modules and more.