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Unique Insights

Discover proven hacks and strategies derived from years of analysis on UPSC trends that you won't find in any books or coaching centers.

Expert-Led Sessions

Learn from the masterminds who have decoded the UPSC exam, including renowned strategist Devanath Sir and a team of UPSC veterans.

Customized Learning

With just 10 classes over 5 days, each session is packed with intensive, targeted training designed to sharpen your test-taking skills and boost your confidence.

Exclusive Content

Get access to proprietary techniques that have helped hundreds of aspirants leapfrog the competition and secure their ranks in UPSC.

Meet Your Mentor: Mr.Devnath

Discover the power of strategic UPSC preparation with Devnath Sir, a luminary in civil services coaching. With a rich legacy of guiding aspirants to success, Devnath Sir brings unparalleled insights and expertise. His unique approach, combining rigorous analysis of past papers with cutting-edge strategies, has transformed hopefuls into achievers. Under his mentorship in the UPSC Prelims Hackathon, you'll gain not just knowledge, but the wisdom to navigate the UPSC challenge. Join us to experience mentorship that inspires, empowers, and leads to victory.

Meet Your Mentor: Mr.Devnath

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What's Included?

Comprehensive Coverage

25 hours of cutting-edge strategies and insights covering all major UPSC subjects.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded aspirants and form study groups with those who share your dedication.

No Recordings, No Repeat:

To maintain the exclusivity of our hacks, sessions will not be recorded or repeated. Miss it, and it's gone.

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Devnath Sir's classes were a revelation for me. His way of breaking down complex topics into something we can easily understand was amazing. He's not just a teacher; he's a guide who really knows how to light up the path for us.
I'll never forget the clarity I gained from Devnath Sir's teachings. His strategies and personal anecdotes from his own experiences made all the difference. It felt like he was with us every step of the way.
Vikram N
I was on the verge of giving up on my IAS dreams until I attended the 2023 Hackathon. The personalized coaching and unique hacks provided were exactly what I needed to regain my confidence and focus.

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