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Conquer UPSC Prelims 2024 with Mr. Devnath's Exclusive Crash Course!

Master the Exam with Proven Strategies, Expert Guidance, and Laser-Focused Preparation

Are you a determined UPSC aspirant feeling lost in the sea of information? The vast UPSC Prelims syllabus can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier to your success. Our meticulously designed 4-day crash course, led by the esteemed UPSC expert Mr. Devnath, is here to equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and confidence to conquer the exam.

Why Choose Mr. Devnath's UPSC Prelims Crash Course?

Master Past Year
Questions (PYQs)

Gain an in-depth understanding of exam patterns and frequently tested topics by analyzing a comprehensive database of 900 PYQs from 2015 to 2023. Learn to identify trends, anticipate question styles, and develop effective problem-solving techniques.

Proven Strategies from a
Renowned Expert

Benefit from Mr. Devnath's years of experience and proven methodologies. Learn how to tackle both the General Studies (GS) paper, demanding broad knowledge, and the CSAT paper, testing analytical abilities. Mr. Devnath will equip you with the specific strategies needed to excel in each section.

Predict Upcoming

Leverage Mr. Devnath's expertise and analysis of past exam trends to gain insights into potential topics for the UPSC Prelims 2024. This allows you to prioritize your studies and focus on the most relevant areas, maximizing your score potential.

Develop a Targeted

Don't waste time on irrelevant information. Our program provides a clear and actionable study plan tailored to achieve success in both the GS and CSAT papers. This ensures you hit the cut-off marks and move confidently towards the next stage.

Intensive Learning Format for
Maximum Retention

Our program is designed for focused learning in a short period. You'll gain valuable insights from Mr. Devnath in 10 intensive sessions (2.5 hours each) spread over just four days. This concentrated learning approach maximizes retention and ensures you stay focused on your goal.

Affordable Investment in
Your UPSC Dream

At just Rs 2999, this crash course is an investment in your future. Gain a significant edge over the competition and propel yourself towards achieving your UPSC dream career.

More Than Just a

A Comprehensive Learning Experience

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By enrolling in Mr. Devnath's crash course, you'll gain access to a multitude of resources designed to support your UPSC Prelims preparation:

  • In-depth Course Material: Access a treasure trove of comprehensive study materials, including:
  • Analyzed PYQs with detailed explanations for a deeper understanding of past exam trends.
  • Topic-specific guides that provide focused learning on crucial areas.
  • Mock tests to evaluate your progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and practice exam technique.
  • Expert Support and Guidance: Don’t face challenges alone. Get personalized guidance from Mr. Devnath himself during dedicated Q&A sessions. Address your questions, clarify doubts, and receive valuable insights directly from the expert.
  • Join a Community of Aspirants: Surround yourself with other driven UPSC aspirants. Network and share valuable insights in our exclusive online forum. Learn from each other’s experiences, gain motivation, and build a support system for your UPSC journey.

Don’t delay your UPSC dream! Enroll in our crash course today and take a confident step towards achieving your UPSC dream career.

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feel free to contact us at 9677174226/9677120226. We’re happy to help!

See What Our Past Students Are Saying


Officers IAS Academy is the right choice for all ambitious Civil Service aspirants. A friendly atmosphere along with required teaching, weekly tests and one-to-one feedback from the faculty are a few reasons which helped me attain his height. Thank to Israel sir for his contributions.

Dhivya, IAS

A wet clay can be moulded to a perfect shape only if it is in the hands of the right person. Likewise, Officers IAS Academy moulded me in such a way so as to enable me to reach IPS.

Aravind, IPS

Officers IAS Academy is the right platform to prove your potential and reach great heights. It is a great asset for all Civil Service aspirants.

Brinda Boopathy, IRS

It is my pleasure and honour to share my pedagogical experience with Officers IAS Academy and the man behind it Mr. Israel Jebasingh. When I started my preparation, it was very scattered. It was Officers IAS Academy that helped me focus my preparation efforts that resulted in a highly satisfactory score. The valuable inputs form Israel sir brought about a change in a way I approached this examination. I am extremely happy to say that Officers IAS Academy has been vital to my success.

Vinod Vikeshwaran, IDES

Officers IAS Academy is the best platform for a Civil Servies aspirant to turn his dream into a reality. High motivation and individual attention along with apt coaching by Israel sir is the reason for me becoming a topper.

(All india 34th Rank, 2015)

Officers IAS Academy is the best place to make your dreams come true. Israel sir being an IAS Officers himself knows what to teach, how to handle the student and so on. He is easily accessible and readily available to give guidance to students

Ronnie, IFS
Choosing Officers IAS Academy was the best decision I made for my UPSC preparation. The faculty’s dedication and strategic teaching methods equipped me with the skills needed to ace the exam. Thank you for your invaluable guidance!
I am immensely grateful to Officers IAS Academy for their exceptional guidance and mentorship. Their structured approach and regular mock tests played a crucial role in my success in the IAS exam. Highly commendable institute!
Joining Officers IAS Academy was a game-changer! Their focused approach and expert guidance helped me crack the IAS exam with flying colors. Grateful for their unwavering support

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P.S. Seats are filling fast! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from a renowned UPSC expert and gain a strategic advantage in the upcoming UPSC Prelims. Invest in your success today!
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