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Most frequent questions and answers

The best time to follow your dreams is always now. UPSC, in recent years, has changed the pattern of the examination, making it more analytical than simply mugging things up. It is therefore important to dedicate at least one year of intense study, after graduation. One advise our Director, Mr Israel Jebasingh (IAS-2004 Batch) always provides to his students is this – “In this one year, you have to give importance only to your studies. Everything else should come second to preparing for UPSC.”


UPSC Civil Service Examination is an examination that tests neither superhuman memory nor in-depth knowledge. You are supposed to know the basics of various topics, analyze it and present it. The beauty of this exam is that any person with basic analytical skills, hard work and perseverance can be a topper. The marks that you have got for your 10th, 12th, graduation doesn’t play any role in your selection. All you need to crack this exam are three things – a dream, a will and sheer perseverance.

“Dream, Dream, Dream

Dreams transform into thoughts

And thoughts result in action.”


There are a lot of options for students to reach the academy. There are numerous share autos/buses available that travel to all parts of Chennai, which will drop you in the vicinity of the academy. Students who live in hostels nearby can walk to the academy. Plus, we are very close to the Metro Station (Anna Nagar Tower station ~ 1.5kms), CMBT the main bus terminus of Chennai~4.6 kms (for outstation students). In case, you need further assistance; please reach out to our team of Student Counselors at 9677174226 who will be available through the day to guide you every step of the way.

Officers IAS Academy is open from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm. Any candidate with questions or doubts can approach us at that time. You can either call at 044-40483555 or +91 9677174226. You can also email us at info@localhost. If you want to meet our Director, Mr Israel Jebasingh or Associate Director Mr Rangarajan (IAS-2005 Batch), you can always meet them when you visit us at “Officers IAS Academy, Plot No: 935, 6th Avenue Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600040.” For students of Officers IAS Academy, the reading hall is available from early morning 04:30 am to 10:00 pm so that they can comfortably study without any disturbance. Healthy snacks with tea/coffee are provided to those who come early in the morning.

Officers IAS Academy has tie-ups with numerous hostels which are separate for boys and girls. These hostels have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they provide the best accommodations to the students, and they are located within a walkable distance from the academy. Eligibility criteria for the hostels to have a tie-up with Officers IAS Academy are given below

  1. Completely safe and secure premises
  2. Strict environment
  3. A study hall with proper ventilation
  4. Fresh & healthy food
  5. Washing machine
  6. Clean surroundings

Our Hostel Counsellor will help you with any issue that you face while you are in one of the hostels we have a tie-up with.

Chennai is included in the BBC’s list of top 50 cities to live in. Chennai is a city which mixes old-world charm with a sprawling modern twist. It boasts of buildings older than your grandparents, juxtaposed with the most modern of facilities like the chennai metro.

Chennai is the melting pot of cultures, with people migrating into the city from all corners of India. It boasts of also having the second-longest shore in the world.

Chennai is known for its quiet and conservative environment. It is ideal for students who want to sojourn here for their UPSC preparation. In Anna Nagar, around Officers IAS Academy, there are a lot of restaurants, supermarkets and hostels that can cater to all the basic needs and housing needs of our students. Officers IAS Academy takes great care to vet the hostels available to our students to ensure their safety and ease.

There is a canteen available for the students of Officers IAS Academy from 4:30 am in the morning everyday. We ensure that the food available is freshly prepared and is available at a subsidized rate. The students can also obtain monthly passes for food from the Canteen.

Both the hostels and the Canteen will provide South Indian and North Indian cuisine. However, nothing can match your mom’s cooking. 😊

We respect your food preference, be it vegetarian or non – vegetarian. However, since the food that we are giving at our canteen is already subsidized, it is not possible for us to provide non-vegetarian food. But you are free to bring non- vegetarian food to eat at our canteen premises. The hostels that we have tie up with, will be serving you non-vegetarian food, at least once a week.

Anyone can crack the civil services exam and whatever be the Academic marks that you got so far, it doesn’t matter to get an admission here. We don’t discriminate anyone based on his/her academic scores. Although our classes are wide and vast, we run out of space, and so we are forced to follow a “First Come First Serve ” policy when it comes to admissions.

You may get admission either by approaching our Anna Nagar (Chennai) / Bangalore branch or by online. Admission counsellors will guide you through the process if you wish to come personally. If you want to take up the process online, kindly visit https://officersiasacademy.com/admission/ to fill up the form and notify our team afterwards through the phone- 044-4048 3555, +91 9677174226 / email: info@localhost.

Before joining us, it is essential to know about the exam itself. That’s why our admission counsellors spend time with you to tell you about how the Civil Service Examination works and its stages. Once you are sure about this long journey, we will explain to you about our course structure – how and when the classes are taken for Prelims/Mains/Interview, how our compulsory tests are conducted every week, what all Optionals are available for the student to choose, how the mentoring program works etc.

The admission counsellor then takes you for a tour of our academy to show you how the classes are conducted and how seating arrangements are made, real-time. The tour continues to our reading hall, library before you decide to speak to our Director, Mr Israel Jebasingh IAS before your final decision. Our Director believes in the Gurukul system, and that’s why he is always here at the academy to ensure that your child is in the right path.

All material will be given by the academy. Further, if you are looking for a particular reference book, then you may use the Library for referring it. In case the book that you are looking for is not found in the library, then we will make sure that the book is bought within two days.When the whole world sleeps, Officers IAS Academy’s doors will open for you to help you achieve your dream. For students of Officers IAS Academy, the reading hall is available from early morning 4:30 am to night 10:00 pm so that they can comfortably study without any disturbance. Healthy snacks, tea/coffee are provided to those who come early in the morning.

Our motto is quite simple; the passion that you show to crack this exam will be reciprocated by us till you achieve your destination.

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