1. When is a good time to start preparation for UPSC?

The best time to follow your dreams is always now. UPSC, in recent years, has changed the pattern of the examination, making it more analytical than simply mugging things up. It is therefore important to dedicate at least one year of intense study, after graduation. One advise our Director, Mr Israel Jebasingh (IAS-2004 Batch) always provides to his students is this – “In this one year, you have to give importance only to your studies. Everything else should come second to preparing for UPSC.”

2. What are some things to know before preparation?

UPSC Civil Service Examination is an examination that tests neither superhuman memory nor in-depth knowledge. You are supposed to know the basics of various topics, analyze it and present it. The beauty of this exam is that any person with basic analytical skills, hard work and perseverance can be a topper. The marks that you have got for your 10th, 12th, graduation doesn’t play any role in your selection. All you need to crack this exam are three things – a dream, a will and sheer perseverance. 

“Dream, Dream, Dream

Dreams transform into thoughts

And thoughts result in action.”


3. How can we reach Officers IAS Academy?

There are a lot of options for students to reach the academy. There are numerous share autos/buses available that travel to all parts of Chennai, which will drop you in the vicinity of the academy. Students who live in hostels nearby can walk to the academy. Plus, we are very close to the Metro Station (Anna Nagar Tower station ~ 1.5kms), CMBT the main bus terminus of Chennai~4.6 kms (for outstation students). In case, you need further assistance; please reach out to our team of Student Counselors at 9677174226 who will be available through the day to guide you every step of the way.

4. When does Officers IAS Academy operate?

Officers IAS Academy is open from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm. Any candidate with questions or doubts can approach us at that time. You can either call at 044-40483555 or +91 9677174226. You can also email us at info@officersiasacademy.com. If you want to meet our Director, Mr Israel Jebasingh or Associate Director Mr Rangarajan (IAS-2005 Batch), you can always meet them when you visit us at

“Officers IAS Academy,

Plot No: 935, 6th Avenue

Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600040.”

For students of Officers IAS Academy, the reading hall is available from early morning 4:30 am to 10:00 pm so that they can comfortably study without any disturbance. Healthy snacks with tea/coffee are provided to those who come early in the morning.

5. Do we have a hostel available for students?

Officers IAS Academy has tie-ups with numerous hostels which are separate for boys and girls. These hostels have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they provide the best accommodations to the students, and they are located within a walkable distance from the academy. Eligibility criteria for the hostels to have a tie-up with Officers IAS Academy are given below 

  1. Completely safe and secure premises
  2. Strict environment
  3. A study hall with proper ventilation 
  4. Fresh & healthy food
  5. Washing machine
  6. Clean surroundings

Our Hostel Counsellor will help you with any issue that you face while you are in one of the hostels we have a tie-up with.

6. As a student relocating to Chennai for my preparation, what things do I need to know?

Chennai is included in the BBC’s list of top 50 cities to live in. Chennai is a city which mixes old-world charm with a sprawling modern twist. It boasts of buildings older than your grandparents, juxtaposed with the most modern of facilities like the chennai metro. 

Chennai is the melting pot of cultures, with people migrating into the city from all corners of India. It boasts of also having the second-longest shore in the world.

Chennai is known for its quiet and conservative environment. It is ideal for students who want to sojourn here for their UPSC preparation. In Anna Nagar, around Officers IAS Academy, there are a lot of restaurants, supermarkets and hostels that can cater to all the basic needs and housing needs of our students. Officers IAS Academy takes great care to vet the hostels available to our students to ensure their safety and ease.

7. What are the facilities available for food?

There is a canteen available for the students of Officers IAS Academy from 4:30 am in the morning everyday. We ensure that the food available is freshly prepared and is available at a subsidized rate. The students can also obtain monthly passes for food from the Canteen. 

Both the hostels and the Canteen will provide South Indian and North Indian cuisine. However, nothing can match your mom’s cooking. 😊

8. Is non – vegetarian food available at our canteen and hostels?

We respect your food preference, be it vegetarian or non – vegetarian. However, since the food that we are giving at our canteen is already subsidized, it is not possible for us to provide non-vegetarian food. But you are free to bring non- vegetarian food to eat at our canteen premises. The hostels that we have tie up with, will be serving you non-vegetarian food, at least once a week.

9. How to get admission in Officers IAS Academy?

Anyone can crack the civil services exam and whatever be the Academic marks that you got so far, it doesn’t matter to get an admission here. We don’t discriminate anyone based on his/her academic scores. Although our classes are wide and vast, we run out of space, and so we are forced to follow a “First Come First Serve ” policy when it comes to admissions.

You may get admission either by approaching our Anna Nagar (Chennai) / Bangalore branch or by online. Admission counsellors will guide you through the process if you wish to come personally. If you want to take up the process online, kindly visit https://officersiasacademy.com/admission/ to fill up the form and notify our team afterwards through the phone- 044-4048 3555, +91 9677174226 / email: info@officersiasacademy.com.

 Before joining us, it is essential to know about the exam itself. That’s why our admission counsellors spend time with you to tell you about how the Civil Service Examination works and its stages. Once you are sure about this long journey, we will explain to you about our course structure – how and when the classes are taken for Prelims/Mains/Interview, how our compulsory tests are conducted every week, what all Optionals are available for the student to choose, how the mentoring program works etc.

The admission counsellor then takes you for a tour of our academy to show you how the classes are conducted and how seating arrangements are made, real-time. The tour continues to our reading hall, library before you decide to speak to our Director, Mr Israel Jebasingh IAS before your final decision. Our Director believes in the Gurukul system, and that’s why he is always here at the academy to ensure that your child is in the right path.

10. Where can we get the study material that faculty members recommend? Is there a provision for a study space?

All material will be given by the academy. Further, if you are looking for a particular reference book, then you may use the Library for referring it. In case the book that you are looking for is not found in the library, then we will make sure that the book is bought within two days.

When the whole world sleeps, Officers IAS Academy’s doors will open for you to help you achieve your dream. For students of Officers IAS Academy, the reading hall is available from early morning 4:30 am to night 10:00 pm so that they can comfortably study without any disturbance. Healthy snacks, tea/coffee are provided to those who come early in the morning. 

Our motto is quite simple; the passion that you show to crack this exam will be reciprocated by us till you achieve your destination.

11. How can we apply for the UPSC exam?

Applications for the UPSC exam typically comes out in January- February. The applications will be made online at www.upsconline.nic.in. Detailed instructions on filling up the form are available on the website. There is no fee required from SC/ST/women/differently-abled candidates. Others have to pay Rs.100. Various modes of payment are available as mentioned in the notification.

Officers IAS Academy will help the candidate to fill the form, in every stage of the exam: Prelims, Mains, Interview. We will also be assisting students in filling OBC/EWS certificates.

Students can approach their assigned mentor /any faculty if they want to for any doubt.

12. How about staff support for student grievances ?

The administrative team is here to help with any issue the students face. They can approached in person for even the minutest of inconveniences and they will readily address them.

13. How can I crack the UPSC CSE exam in my first attempt with a good rank?

Our Director, Mr Israel Jebasingh IAS has provided some insights into what it takes to crack UPSC with good marks


14. How do we decide on optional subjects?

This is a question that is very fundamental to your preparation. An optional can make or break your attempt. It is therefore vital that you select the right optional. With the right optional, you will be able to spend a lot of time studying with interest and be able to produce answers in mains that will be coherent and crisp.

This is why Officers IAS Academy has optional counselling available to help students make the right decisions for them. This counselling session will help candidates find the right fit for them. Even after this, if the student has a clouded mind on what to choose for Optional, he/she can have a one on one session with our Director Mr Israel Jebasingh IAS, who will assist the student in choosing the Optional based on his/her strengths and weaknesses.

15. What do you need to know about the EWS Eligibility Criteria?

Officers IAS Academy has put together an in-depth look at the EWS and all facts related to it. You can refer here for any queries


16. Do I qualify as a Creamy Layer Candidate or a Non-Creamy Layer candidate?

As the application date approaches, candidates are always in a tizzy over whether they belong in the creamy layer or the non-creamy layer. This distinction will be cleared up at:

https://officersiasacademy.com/2019/10/18/obc-reservation-eligibility /

17. What is the mentoring program all about?

Officers IAS Academy is founded on the principles of Gurukul School. We believe that any student who is guided by a mentor who has achieved their dream of becoming an officer can easily succeed. This is why we instituted the mentorship program. The core idea is “Hansei – Insight into oneself is the first step to improvement”. This program is to help our students stay on track and to course-correct and ensure that they can stay on top of their preparation. The assigned mentor will have a detailed chart of student performance of their exams.

18. What are the facilities available to students who need to clarify any doubts?

Faculty members of Officers IAS Academy have always made it a practice to be available to the students immediately after class so that any doubt the student has can be cleared.

There is also a Faculty Cabin where they are available to the students throughout the day. They can approach them whenever they have a doubt arising.

Also, our Director is present every day to take care of our students. We make sure that a faculty is available at any point in time to help our students.

19. Do Israel Jebasingh IAS, Rangarajan IAS, Ashok Vardhan Shetty IAS, and Killi Chandrasekhar IAS and other Ex-Officers who are a part of the team take regular classes at Officers IAS Academy?

Yes, all the Officers who are a part of our Academy are resigned Officers and they take classes on a regular basis, and they do it with a lot of passion. They were once part of the Civil Services, and now they hope to pass on their real-life experience and subject knowledge they have gained over the years, to the students. Each of these Officers is a Subject Expert in their respective teaching field.

Mr Israel Jebasingh IAS takes Economy, Mr Rangarajan IAS handles Polity, Mr Ashok Vardhan Shetty IAS takes Ethics and Governance, and Mr Killi Chandrasekhar handles International Relations.

20. Is there a way for the student to voice out his/her concern regarding the Academy or any of the faculty members?

Yes, of course. We are here to help you guide you along the path to success and should you face any hurdle in the journey, we want you to bring it to our notice. We make sure that we listen to our students’ thoughts. Feedback forms are distributed to all the students after class and all the faculties who teach here are regularly reviewed by our students. Be it our Director (who teaches Economics) or a guest faculty, students’ feedback after the class is compulsory here. Based on the students’ review, we take the necessary steps to ensure the teachers are right on track.

If the student’s concern does not fall under the sphere of class quality and if they wish to convey something else to us anonymously, then we encourage them to use the “Suggestions Box” that has been placed in our Academy. All your suggestions will be read and actions will be taken accordingly.

If the student wishes to talk to us personally, he/she can always walk into our Director Mr. Israel Jebasingh’s cabin, or our Vice President Mr. Mugundan’s cabin, or our Associate Director Mr. Rangarajan’s cabin. Our Administrative Director Mrs. Anandi Israel is also available for our female students.

21. How does the academy help its students when they miss a class?

Students are discouraged from taking frivolous holidays. In case, they have any unavoidable reasons to miss class, they van avail audio recordings of the class. They can also take permission to view the video recordings of the class in question. Video recordings will not be made available outside the premises.

22. How does Officers IAS Academy support candidates who have not cleared their Prelims?

If our students could not clear their Prelims, we welcome them to speak to our faculty members, to their mentors or to our Director Mr Israel Jebasingh about where they made mistakes. To talk about their attempt and how they can make corrections in their future.

We have a FREE program called Steeplechase, which will assist candidates in making sure their preparation stays on track and does not waiver from their ambitions. It is an intense integrated program for Prelims and Mains. The entire syllabus is covered for Mains and Prelims, and each part is exposed to the student post decoding the syllabus, and the students are subject to continuous tests. Details on this program can be found here:


23. Do serving officers/subject experts come and teach the students?

Yes, we invite serving officers and subject experts regularly to our academy to take classes to make sure our students are motivated and inspired. This also ensures that the student gets to know the reality from a different perspective, which is very much needed for UPSC CSE exam.
A few of the recent guest lectures were taken by Mr Vijay Shankar IPS, Mr Sultan Ahmed Ismail (Noted Indian soil biologist and ecologist), Mr R. Pradeep John (Tamilnadu Weatherman) among others. 

24. Are classes taken in Tamil?

Absolutely not. As a vast majority of the candidates take the exam in English, all classes are taken in English. However, since we have students from Kashmir to TamilNadu and from Gujarat to Nagaland, doubt clarifications can be addressed in the language of their preference.

25. Are Demo classes available before joining us?

As all of our classes are fully packed, we may not be able to accommodate you in the class for a demo; however, we will try subjected to space availability.

But we understand your concern. So, you may watch the video of any faculty as a demo if you wish to visit us here personally. In case you are an outstation candidate, you can always watch videos by our faculty member on our YouTube channel ->https://www.youtube.com/c/Officersiasacademy1

26. Will there be a mock interview board to prepare me for my UPSC interview?

Yes, serving and retired civil servants are a part of our mock interview board to give you the feel of an actual UPSC interview panel. We strive to provide you with the best experience in this. So, even students from the farthest corner in India join our program. Prof. Dr E. Balagurusamy (retired UPSC member), Mr Ilangovan (Former UPSC Panel Member), Mr Santosh Babu IAS, Mr Ashish Kumar IAS, Mr Sylendra Babu IPS, Mr Kamaraja ADGP (Rtd), Mr Nandakumar IRS are few of the many who are a part of our mock interview board

27. Will my doubts be cleared in mother tongue?

We will make sure that your doubts are addressed in the language of your preference. This is to ensure that no student lags behind just because he/she is uncomfortable with English.

28. Is there any scope for exercise nearby?

Our academy is situated in Anna Nagar which hosts many gyms /yoga centres. We recommend every student to have at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. This makes your brain sharp and keeps the body fresh, which is very much essential for UPSC CSE preparation.

Our pride, Swami Vivekananda said “Once a person gets control over the mind, it matters little whether the body remains strong or becomes emaciated. Unless one has a good physique, one can never aspire to Self-realisation.”

29. Will Current Affairs for Government sources and content from The Hindu Newspaper be taught?

Yes, current affairs classes are taken regularly on a weekly basis. Special efforts are taken on how to read “The Hindu” newspaper and what to read, to our students. We also teach The Hindu, as many aspirants might not know what to read and what not read from the examination point of view. And we have our team working exclusively on our weekly current affairs magazine “Pulse”, which encompasses information related to Prelims, Mains. The contents are taken from various newspapers, magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra etc. Our Pulse magazine can be downloaded from here ->https://officersiasacademy.com/current-affairs/

In addition to Pulse, we give Daily Assignments, MCQ’s to train our student every day to make them handle Current Affairs with ease.

30. Are tests conducted regularly?

Tests are conducted every week to train you for the actual exam. Post tests, discussions are done to clear even the slightest doubt our student has. An analysis of the student’s performance is uploaded after the test. Only the student, his/her mentor and the parents can track the progress. The student gets the concise information regarding the test performance, and the mentors are given a detailed one that allows the mentor to help you further.

We strive to ensure that the student gets all the necessary details to better themselves from the test results. So, the test results are designed in such a way that a graphical representation of the student’s performance is shown, along with the number of answers that were right/wrong, nature of questions and difficulty of questions etc. Rank secured by the student against the top scorer / average scorer is also available which shows the student where he/she stands. 

The mentor will be having a much detailed report for careful analysis of the student’s performance.

31. Does Officers IAS Academy have differently-abled friendly access features?

Our academy is wheelchair accessible with the facility of lift. Scribe services are offered when required, and front row seats are reserved for our differently-abled students. Soft copy of our content material with big font feature is sent to them so that the wordings will be easy on their eyes.

33. Which batch is better at Officer’s IAS Academy?

Different batches are available for our students starting from early morning (6:30 am), morning (9 am), evening batch (5:00 pm), weekend batches (Saturday and Sunday) so that your job/studies can be done along with the preparation. Aspirants can choose a batch best suited for their convenience.

32. Which branch of Officer’s IAS Academy is the best branch to study?

We are at three locations – Anna Nagar (Main Branch, Chennai), Adyar (Chennai) and Bangalore.

To ensure the quality of our teaching doesn’t dilate, we have the same faculty members teach at all the three branches. So, the student can choose his/her place of study that is of locational convenience to him/her with full confidence that Officers IAS Academy is the same in Anna Nagar, Adyar and Bengaluru.

34. How is the climate of Chennai?

Located in the southern part of the country, Chennai has a tropical climate. Given the fact that the city is located very close to the ocean, the temperature more or less remains constant and does not vary much with changing seasons. 

Compared to other densely populated areas in India, pollution is far less in Chennai.

However, Chennai is Chennai and kindly do not expect Shimla like climate here. But, to provide an environment that is conducive for studying, all our classrooms are air-conditioned, and all our associated hostels have Air-Conditioned room option as well. 

35. What if I were to face an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, please contact our 24 hours Emergency Counsellor Helpline that is present in our academy. The contact number will be given to every student once he/she joins.

For any immediate help, one can always contact our Vice President, Mr Mugundan, who is also available 24*7 to attend any emergency faced by the student.

36. What sort of batches are available for working professionals/college students?

Flexi timings are present to cater to your needs. From dawn to dusk, we work to help you achieve your dream. Early morning/morning/evening/weekend batches are available at your disposal. Those who are pursuing a degree/working may take up the early morning/evening/ weekend batch. 

37. Can I prepare for UPSC Civil Services while pursuing a degree?

Absolutely yes. In fact, it is always better to start your preparation as soon as possible. For those who are in college, we have a tailor-made program just for you- The 2 years/3 years Integrated program. The idea is simple; we train you slow and steady while you get ample time for your college. Remember, ultimately the tortoise won the race. Slow and steady preparation is the key for someone who is in a college if they wish to crack the exam.

38. How safe is Chennai?

Chennai is one of the safest places in India with round the clock police monitoring. Anna Nagar, in particular, is a very safe place with cameras mounted at every junction and frequent police monitoring from the K4 police station which is just 1 km away from our Academy.

39. Whether North Indian food is available in canteen /hostel?

Yes, North Indian food is available at our canteen, and at the hostels, we have a tie-up with. Students from across the Country come to Officers IAS academy with a dream and a lot of perseverance. So, we help them feel as comfortable as they can in their new environment. We ensure that the food is cooked with much care. It is also made to suit their different taste palettes.

40. Can parents check the progress of their child?

Definitely yes. We understand that the parents dream along with their children. So, we have created a unique facility where parents will be given a separate login id to track the progress of their child. Parents can check whether their child regularly attends the class, weekly tests. Also, if any child misses more than 1 test or 3 classes in a row, parents will be informed directly.

41. Is there any committee separately constituted for the safety of girls?

We take utmost care in the safety of every student, especially female students. We have a separate committee, headed by our Administrative Director Mrs Anandi Israel to address the concerns of our female students.

42. Will I be discriminated since I am coming out of Chennai?

We take the word “Indian” in IAS/IPS/IFS very seriously and so no student who wishes to learn will be discriminated. We will try to make you feel as comfortable and conducive for studies. 

43. Will my faculty raise his/her voice or be harsh if I do not attend the class or miss my test?

Our passion for creating better Officers for India made us start the initiative of Officers IAS Academy. For us, each student is like our own. Just like how a parent cares for their child, we take care of our students with attention, affection and sometimes a little parental discipline. 😊

44. What do I do if I fall sick and I am far from home?

Fear not, because at Officers IAS Academy we are deeply concerned about your well being. Those who live in hostels or away from home or any student can avail themselves of a free medical consultation when they fall ill. Our Medical Consultation is by Dr Chitra Ramesh, a Madras Medical College professor, who will be available to students every Tuesday and Thursday from 4.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. In case of an emergency, you can even call her for a consultation over the phone.

45. How do I deal with the stress of my UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation?

As the exam draws nearer, the amount of stress felt by candidates increases manifold. This can be even more stressful for candidates who are far from home without a support system. So for any student who is feeling deeply pressured or have any other personal issue, we have Dr Alankritha, our in house professional psychologist, who will be available to students every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12.30 p.m. to 2.00 p.m for counselling free of cost.

Those who wish to meet Dr Alankrita can do so by sending a mail to “admin3@officersiasacademy.com” with a preferred date and time.

Also, students are always welcome to get in touch their mentors who will be available to guide them every step of the way.