HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE” in South India for 4th Consecutive year, 5 of our students are in the Top 20 Ranks of the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2019 Final Results – including Ms. Vishaka Yadav (AIR 6), Mr. Ganesh Kumar Baskar (Tamil Nadu Topper, AIR 7), Ms. Nupur Goel (AIR 11), Mr. Anmol Jain (AIR 14) and Ms. Gunjan Singh (AIR 16).


Mr. Israel Jebasingh has the distinction of having cleared the UPSC exam twice, first time entering IRTS and then IAS. As an IAS officer in the West Bengal Cadre he was highly regarded for his out of the box thinking while serving in some of the most violent, Naxalism affected region
He resigned from the IAS and founded Officers IAS Academy. He teaches General Studies and available on all 365 days at Officers IAS Academy to guide and mentor students of Officers IAS Academy.

Israel Jebasingh, (IAS – 2004)


Mrs. Anandi Israel is available at the institute to take care of the special needs of women candidates and managing their hostels, in addition to handling Finance and Administration at the academy. Coming from humble economic means, and from the rural part of India, she ensures that extra care is given to students with similar background and that these are not impediments in the pursuit of their dreams. Prior to this she had extensive experience working as a Lecturer and Administrator in several Engineering colleges.

  KTS. Anandi Israel


1.What are the unique propositions of civil service as a career that can attract professionals into the service?

The civil services offer a wide gamut of experience which is unparalleled in any other career. It continues to attract a lot of professionals, especially Doctors and Engineers besides Chartered Accountants, lawyers and other professionals. There is no doubt that the services of a professional doctor to the society is immense. But the civil service can help the same doctor shape bigger health policies as part of their career. Similarly all professionals will be able to contribute on a larger scale and canvas as part of the civil service fraternity . It is no surprise then that I see a good mixture of professionals including Doctors, studying in Officers IAS Academy.

2.What are the challenges you faced as a working professional&What would be your advice to working professionals appearing for this exam?

There is no doubt that the civil service exam is one of the most challenging exams in the country. As I tell my students at Officers IAS Academy that every aspirant can create a good chance of getting selected on the basis of meticulous preparation. I decided to take up the civil service exam while working. I used to ensure that I at least prepare for 1-2 hours during the weekdays and utilize the entire weekends for preparation. I would advise all working professionals to make a time table for preparation with weekly targets of portions to be covered.

3.Finally, how has been your experience as a teacher?

I joined the civil services switching from a corporate career with an intention to be part of public service. However, due to personal reasons, I had to relocate to Chennai few years back. Ever since then, I have had this urge to get back into the domain of civil service in a meaningful way. It was at this juncture that I got an opportunity to be associated with Officers IAS Academy and fulfill my desire to be associated in the domain of civil service. My parents have also been very supportive and inspired me to take up this noble profession of training students.The fact that I am able to provide crucial inputs to students gives me much satisfaction. For example I realized writing practice is key to success in Mains and we ensure this by conducting daily & weekly tests. I observe that the quality and enthusiasm of the aspirants has been on the upward trajectory in the current times. They show an extra ordinary sense of enthusiasm and commitment towards learning and one can feel their burning desire to get into the civil services. They don’t hesitate to clear their doubts on a real-time basis even after class hours on mails and networking tools like Whatsapp. It’s a pleasure training these young minds along with an extremely committed faculty and a professional atmosphere at Officers IAS academy. It gives me the satisfaction of producing able civil servants who will do our country proud with their dedicated service.

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About Us

Officers IAS Academy is committed to IAS aspirants for sincere and dedicated preparation for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. We provide quality coaching to our students, which can be obtained in the classroom as well as online.

Our IAS Academy in Bangalore has made many students shine in their life by providing the best coaching for UPSC exams across the City.

Staffs Experience 

Our Director and Founder, Mr. Israel Jebasingh, have cleared the UPSC exam twice, first time entering IRTS and then IAS.

Our IAS Academy is running by the Seven-member team of former Civil servants (IAS, IRS, and IRAS).

Facilities & Teaching Methods

As The Top IAS Coaching In Bangalore, we provide a spacious room for our students, we have separate rooms for exams and class. Our staff provides a separate section for clearing all the doubts for the students, so students will have time to go through the topics that were taught before in the classroom.

Our teaching methods are rooted in a timely manner, leading students to understand the basics and encourage them to question the facts and concepts, especially for topics like aptitude, rather than just accepting them blindly.

Our effort is not only to provide them all the facilities to achieve their dream of entering the Civil Services but also to continuously screen their marathon journey by tracking every student’s progress.

We provide updated materials for our students to learn even after they reach home or can

Our Unique Coaching 

We have many staff, all retired/resigned civil servants, with years of experience both in teaching and at work. Our Staffs teach the Gurukul System to the students.

The Gurukul system will pull out the attitude of a person; This will help students live a life according to the real world, after becoming an IAS officer. Likewise, we also concentrate on the other part of the student’s life after achieving their dream.

This Unique Coaching makes us stand as The Best IAS Academy In Bangalore.

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You can connect us with our website or meet us directly. Our academy is located in M S R Nagar, Mathikere, Bangalore 560054.

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Our Pedigree

As the only UPSC coaching academy started by a group of like-minded former Civil Servants, our pedagogy is designed…


Precision Delivery

Given the vast amount of reading material that is readily accessible it becomes all too easy for a student to be swamped…


Rigorous testing

Many students (and their parents!) tell us that the rigorous schedule we follow at the academy is the biggest…


Mentoring Program

‘Hansei’ (Japanese for Mirror) is a unique mentoring program to help our students handle the preparation overload…


Experienced Faculty

We are fortunate that our “Dream Team” of faculty are not only experts in their subjects and teach as per the syllabus…


Course Material

The pedigree of the founders, and the highly experienced and passionate faculty, is reflected in the course material and the tests…


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Why Officers IAS Academy

Officers IAS Academy in Chennai has the singular distinction of being run by not one but five Officers who have not only cleared this exam but have served this proud nation with great distinction. This is what makes Officers IAS Academy one of the Top 10 IAS Academy in Chennai.

We have a flagship mentoring program called Hansei which focuses on reflection and self improvement as the crux in the crucible of UPSC. This program is what makes Officers IAS Academy one of the foremost UPSC Coaching Centres in Chennai.

The Best IAS Coaching in Chennai does not simply teach you how to study but also how walk the talk with Hansei.

The facilities offered by this civil service coaching centre is the pinnacle of cutting edge, state of the art, infrastructure that can insulate the students from the noisy city in order to protect their precious learning hours. The Officers IAS Coaching Centre in Chennai is not only available offline but also online.

The nature of IAS Coaching in Chennai is often driven by a culture of massive information consumption. Here at our IAS Coaching Centre in Chennai we carefully curate you experience such that you have a valuable input for the time spent here.

Best IAS Academy Coaching Centre in Chennai

Officers IAS Academy is India’s well-established and provides the Best IAS Coaching In Chennai. We focus on all aspects that set the seal on the students and are quintessential of everything we teach, and draw-up the candidates for the Civil Service Examination at all three levels of UPSC Preliminary, Mains and Personal Tests. 

The Founder of the Officer IAS Academy, Mr. Israel Jebasingh, started the coaching center with many like-minded former civil servants. 

Our Institute’s teaching faculty have been highly qualified and experienced from Central Universities and other reputed Institutes after resigned/retired from service to start on a mission to teach and mentor UPSC aspirants and create the next generation of Civil Servants. This unique teaching is one of the main reasons to be in the Top 10 IAS Academy In Chennai.

Method Of Teaching 

We provide a vast amount of reading material that is readily accessible and easy for students to improve by the volume of what to read and prepare for the exams.

Having coached thousands of students since beginning, with a successful track record, we know which portions exactly matter, and what needs to be prepared within the time of the IAS exam so students can cover the pending parts for the examination.

Every Week we conduct Tests, Every Monday is Test Day.

We conduct Preliminary test series before 3-4 months of the Prelim Exam. 

After the Preliminary Exams, we help the students to focus on Mains with a positive attitude of clearing the Prelims. 

Interview Guidance

Our Staff conducts an interview guidance lecture on How to prepare for the UPSC interview.

In our Academy, our ultimate aim is to mirror the Gurukul System, where the students are trained by the Gurus to achieve What the Gurus have achieved. 

Here, we Create ‘Better Civil Servants’

What does a better civil servant mean? 

We don’t just provide The Best UPSC Coaching In Chennai, We intend to produce officers who pity the poor and the needy, possess integrity, act with impartiality, and never get off from the right path. 

In short, make our students stand for something and make a difference in our Country. 


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