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What is the golden rule for studying?

Getting the most out of your study efforts is crucial if you are serious about clearing any exam. Being a productive student is one of the finest things you can aim for when you only have a limited amount of time to study. Benefits include more time for other tasks, higher productivity, and improved retention. We could find it challenging to attend class, do our tasks, or prepare for tests during these periods. This is why at Officers IAS Academy; the best IAS coaching academy in Chennai strives extra to keep our students motivated throughout their preparation.


  • Reward yourself- It is advisable to give yourself a five-minute break after every hour of study. Your mind may refocus and your brain can recuperate by taking a little study break every hour. It’s an excellent time to have a snack, a cup of tea, or perhaps take a little stroll around the area where you’re studying.
  • Keep in mind to be healthy Even if there isn’t much time, maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle is crucial. Your study time will be less successful if you aren’t in good health. Avoiding illnesses like the flu are simply one aspect of wellness; mental health is another. You must identify what it is that relaxes you, whether it be exercise or reading, and make sure you do it frequently.
  • Avoid rushing your task- Despite having little time to study, it’s crucial to be meticulous in your writing. Rushing through study time will reduce important knowledge retention, raise writing error rates, and result in a less effective study session. Try to plan your study sessions around times when you have a few other commitments when selecting a time to study. If you have another assignment to complete soon after finishing your studies, your attention will probably remain on that one and you’ll speed through your work.
  • Pick the time and location carefully- It’s crucial to work with your inclinations if you want your study attempts to be successful. The first step is to choose a spot that meets your demands; the ideal site is often a peaceful, well-lit area where you won’t be bothered. It’s crucial to work during the moments when you remember knowledge the best. Getting up early before work may be the greatest time for you to study if you identify as a morning person. However, those who don’t fall asleep until very late at night might choose to study later in the day. If you are unclear of the times and places that are most effective for you, attempt a study session in a variety of settings before determining which was the most fruitful. You should try to accommodate the diverse preferences that each pupil will have.
  • Write your notes by hand- The act of penning your notes will assist you more than you would imagine, even if it takes more time than taking notes on a computer. Writing in your handwriting increases the likelihood that important words and ideas will be remembered by the brain.
  • Keep your focus on your objectives- You should establish certain goals for each course and each week when you initially start your degree. These have to contain the weekly amount of study time you set for yourself. For the busy working adult, scheduling study time as if it were a meeting is a suggested strategy. Like in the business, you must think of this meeting as something you cannot cancel or reschedule.
  • Test yourself- Note important concepts and inquiries that you think could appear in exam questions as you learn about each area. You will have a wide selection of questions to memorize for the forthcoming exam after you finish that course.


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