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Unlock Your CSE Prelims Potential

3-Day Masterclass for the Economy Section

Feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of economic material for the CSE Prelims? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our meticulously designed 3-Day Economy Crash Course is the perfect solution for students seeking a focused and intensive review of essential economic concepts crucial for exam success.

Why Choose Our Economy Crash Course?

Targeted Content for
CSE Prelims

Our curriculum is specifically tailored to the requirements of the CSE Prelims exam, ensuring you learn the exact economic topics you need to know.

Expert Guidance from
Mr. Guna Mathivanan

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of Mr. Guna Mathivanan, a renowned expert in Current Affairs and Economy. His research-driven approach and in-depth understanding will equip you with a solid foundation in economic principles.

Conquer Your Time

This crash course compresses vital economic concepts into a powerful 3-day program (15 hours), allowing you to maximize your learning within a limited timeframe. It's ideal for last-minute revision or a quick refresher before the exam.

Interactive Learning

Our course goes beyond passive lectures. We create an engaging learning environment that promotes active participation through interactive discussions and potentially practice exercises. You'll have ample opportunity to clarify doubts, solidify your understanding, and apply your knowledge.

Focus on Clarity
and Understanding

We believe in going beyond rote memorization. Our course emphasizes clear explanations and practical application of economic concepts. You'll gain a deeper understanding of how economic principles work in the real world, allowing you to tackle exam questions with confidence.

Boost Your

This crash course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and clarity you need to conquer the Economics section of the CSE Prelims. Leave feeling confident and prepared for your exam.

For More Details, Contact us @ 9677120226 / 9677174226

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Exclusive Access to Mr. Mathivanan's Telegram Channel!

Enrolling in this course grants you access to Mr. Mathivanan’s exclusive Telegram channel, a valuable resource for ongoing support and community engagement. Here, you’ll find:

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For any inquiries about the course or registration process,
feel free to contact us at 9677174226/9677120226. We’re happy to help!

Sneak Peek of our Classes

See What Our Past Students Are Saying


I am writing this to express my immense gratitude for your help and guidance during my UPSC journey. I couldn't attend classes like a regular student due to my health; but your current affairs classes used to be my absolute favourite. More than anything, I am grateful to you for your continuous support, words of wisdom and being a constant aid. Thank you sir. I hope other aspirants get to benefit from your knowledge and they too can crack the exams and turn their dreams into reality

Ammu Jayaraj IRIS
2020 Batch

Guna sir is well known for his approachability and also in imparting tips & tricks to the UPSC aspirants while facing prelims as well as mains examination. Sir gave a lot of suggestions on how to scrutinize my answers for General studies Mains papers. I worked hard on accommodating those suggestions and that became instrumental in the improvement of my scores in the Mains General studies Paper, especially in Paper 3. I would also like to thank sir for giving valuable inputs while preparing for my personality test in 2000.

Tamuni Pandey
UPSC 2012

Dear Guna Sir,

I am writing this to express my profound gratitude for the amazing impact you have had in my UPSC CSE preparation especially in teaching economics. I admire the way you teach us and resolve our doubts to the fullest possible extent, which gave us the required clarity of knowledge in understanding the basics of economics. I will be forever grateful for your guidance and teaching that I will remember the most.

IPS 2023

Dear Guna Sir,
It is with a lot of gratitude that I give this heartfelt endorsement of your Current Affairs course. It helped me greatly in tackling UPSC Prelims and mains. Your monthly magazine "Officers Pulse" was the only magazine I followed for current affairs.

S. Sivanandham
UPSC 2022

Guna Sir, thanks for being more than just a teacher. You are a friend and a mentor. I appreciate your creative and engaging 'Economy classes'. I am grateful for the time and effort you put in explaining concepts. Thank you for everything.

D. Janani Priya

Dear Guna sir,
I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for making concepts of economy seem simple for an engineering graduate like me. You were always at a distance of one call/message for any doubts. You are truly a great mentor to have.

Archana P P
Rank 99, CSE 2020

Good evening, Guna sir. I feel thankful to God for keeping me in a situation, so that I could share a testimonial to one of my many teachers. First of all, your guidance was sincere and precise. It helped me to gain confidence during my interview preparation. I would say you are one among the very few persons who made me to believe that I could do the interview fairly. The discussion you conducted to clarify on my doubts and guidance on selected current affairs were very helpful. Your officer's pulse in- depth is what I mostly referred at the fag end of my preparation. And that is the one which I now refer to many of my friends. I consider this message is less of a testimonial and more of expressing my thankfulness towards you, sir.

Arun, IAS
AIR 436, CSE 2023

Dear Guna sir, you have been an integral part of my UPSC journey from my first attempt. Your classes were always engaging and helped me to simplify complex concepts into simple patterns. The patience within you and the efforts you have taken for both classes and Pulse magazine is highly commendable. Apart from UPSC, you have been a huge supporter in my down times for which I am always grateful and thankful.

P. Ashwin.
AIR 761 (2022)
OIA 2020 - 21 batch

Dear Guna sir,
I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for making concepts of economy seem simple for an engineering graduate like me. You were always at a distance of one call/message for any doubts. You are truly a great mentor to have.

Archana P P
Rank 99, CSE 2020
Ready to conquer the Economics section and take a significant step towards your CSE Prelims dream? Enroll in our Economy Crash Course today and unlock your full potential!

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