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Are magazines enough for current affairs for the UPSC?

Current affairs propel the static knowledge you possess for the UPSC IAS exam into what you could use for connecting the dynamic areas. It also helps the aspirant to fully answer the questions asked in the Mains exam. As it is dynamic, one must follow the same nature, that is to continuously assimilate the learning into your preparation.


Sources of Current Affairs for UPSC

  • Newspapers: The Hindu or Indian Express are good resources for UPSC current events preparation. Simply look for news on current topics or events that are significant on a national and worldwide level (as specified in the UPSC Syllabus
  • Publications: Read monthly current events magazines in addition to newspapers. You may discover the monthly current news in this that is important for the IAS or any other UPSC Exam, including news related to business, the economy, ecology, biodiversity, etc.
  • Internet: You may receive the in-depth knowledge you need on any current events or topics for the IAS (or UPSC Exam) from the internet


The following strategy may be used to strengthen your current affairs section:

  • Focus on the newspaper and read it diligently every day and take short notes.
  • Review and add information from an excellent monthly magazine.
  • Pay attention to value-added areas like Rajyasabha TV, Pratiyogita Darpan, PIB etc.


Newspapers are the primary and most popular method of following current affairs. Students typically choose publications like The Indian Express or The Hindu. However, it is important to keep in mind that covering the newspaper takes a lot of time. You must thus devise time-saving methods for covering the newspaper. Generally speaking, if reading the newspaper takes you two to three hours every day, it will take valuable time away from optional and other GS topics. Hence, try to finish the newspaper within 30 to 40 minutes.  You’ll be able to better prepare yourself if you read the newspaper every day. Reading the newspaper will assist you in staying current on current happenings, which are very important in IAS prelims Paper I. You may improve your reading comprehension abilities and do better on the CSAT test by continuing to read the newspaper.

You may build your opinion and language for Mains answer writing by reading the newspaper and comprehending current events. Newspaper reading is crucial for your IAS exam preparation since, as you are probably aware, the society section of GS Paper I, the entirety of GS Paper II, and GS Paper III are entirely centered on current affairs. Additionally, if your optional is a dynamic field like political science, international relations, public administration, etc., the newspaper becomes crucial once more.

Concerning a current affairs magazine, go through the articles that will help you revise the static areas as well as give you precise information about the recent events. Keeping this in mind, we designed the Officers’ PULSE, where we made sure that the content not only helps you with the current affairs but also allows you to revise the necessary static areas. Our specialty is that we have split the publications into 2- adapting to the needs of the Prelims and the Mains. We make sure that all the relevant sources- The Hindu, Indian Express, AIR, PIB, and every other UPSC-related source. This is one of the reasons why we have continuously made toppers and have become one of the best IAS coaching institutes in India. . Click here to watch the video of our student Sivanandham(AIR-87), who used ONLY Officers’ Pulse to achieve this feat in his very first attempt.


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