A Life in Three Acts

Karti Sandilya IFS If you had told me, in early 1967, that I would be a bureaucrat, I wouldn’t have believed you. I was set on being a lawyer in the Madras High Court, hoping to make a name for myself in constitutional law. But plans changed, when my father died soon after the UPSC […]

Ethical Dilemmas in Public Service

K. Taimni, IAS. Madhya Pradesh Cadre, 1968 Batch   “The Light of God surrounds us, The love of God unfolds us, The Power of God, protects us, and The Presence of God watches over us” There are three words in the ‘title’ – Public Service, Ethics and Dilemma – each having a very significant role […]

Obligation to Perform Ethically

  Ashoka Rastogi , IAS (Tamil Nadu Cadre, 1968 Batch) While posted in Tamil Nadu, I had worked for a public sector company, Southern Structural Ltd., which used to manufacture heavy earth moving equipment for Neyveli Lignite Corporation. Its Chairmen, M P Narayanan, taught me how to do honest business in Public Sector and I […]

If they can, so can you – Blog 5

      Sweta Agarwal – IAS 2016 Batch “It was the attraction towards the Khaki uniform that sowed the seeds of my Civil Services dream. My five year old self was so drawn towards the Khaki donned by the officers of the police station close to my house that I wanted to immediately start putting criminals […]

If they can, so can you – Blog 4

Ansar Shaikh – IAS 2016 batch “I was in Class 4. My parents wanted to withdraw me from school so that I could earn a wage like my other siblings and cousins. But my teacher insisted that I was a bright child and they should let me study. That perhaps was the life changing moment […]

If they can, so can you – Blog 3

Vishu Mahajan – IAS 2016 Batch “I was working in an Intellectual Property Consultancy firm in Bangalore after graduating from IIT Bombay. But it felt like my job needed no skill; I created no real value. And then it all changed. On a trip with some friends to Ladakh a year back, we had casually […]

If they can, so can you – Blog 2

Gopalkrishna Ronanki – IAS 2017 Batch “Every year, only a small fraction of Civil Services aspirants fulfill their dream of cracking the exam.Different aspirants have different stories. But the common theme in all the successes is the relentless hard work. My story is one such story- unique with that same common thread. I am Gopalakrishna […]

Why Can’t I Focus?

There are 105 days to prelims. It is time to put the pedal to the mettle and increase our focus and ability to concentrate so that we will be able to attempt Prelims in top form. Therefore we will attempt to increase our focus through a deliberate study of the ideas and concepts behind Focus. […]


Time is precious and the time that is gone never returns back .We can never have more than 24 hours in a day and that is why ‘time’ stands so crucial. But why managing time needs special efforts for Civil Services examination? Civil services examination process takes a time period extending up to almost a […]