Eligibility Criteria for EWS

You know that the central government has recently passed a bill for the reservation of EWS in government jobs. But there are some confusions regarding that eligibility issue. Today we shall discuss them one by one. About the EWS category This category is strictly for general category candidates. For those included in OBC, SC or […]

OBC Reservation Eligibility

Other Backward Classes (OBC) are socially and educationally backward classes in India. OBCs are distinct from Scheduled Classes (SC) or Scheduled Tribes (ST). The Central Government of India maintains a list of castes/communities to be considered as an OBC. However, only if you belong to Non-Creamy Layer OBC, you will get the reservation in jobs as […]

Excerpts from my book – Rats, Cats and Diplomats

Santosh Kumar, IFS   Diplomatic License   I was called for an interview in Delhi. The day before I was to appear for the Union Public Service Commission, Harsh Gupta, the friend with whom I was staying, casually asked me whether I had photographs for the occasion. What photographs? I squeaked with mounting panic. He […]

In the National Interest – A Strategic Foreign Policy for India

Santosh Kumar, IFS   A grand external strategy would require that interactions between different strategic objectives be examined to arrive at the right balance. There is clearly a possibility of a trade-off between some interactive objectives, and even between components of an objective. We now discuss some of the more significant interactions.   Security and […]

Glimpses of Days Gone

Shyamala B. Cowsik, IFS   At the outset, I would like, in the standard bureaucratic fashion, to disown all responsibility for the infliction of this piece on all of you. It was all Ashok Jha’s fault. This is in case it bores you to death. If you happen to like it, I shall of course […]

Few Articles and Poems (3)

Purshottam Lal, IPS, Punjab   Article on Editorial page – Daily Post, October 24, 2015 The will of the people P. Lal   According to the Preamble of The Constitution of India, the people of this country adopted, enacted and gave to themselves the Constitution on twenty-sixth day of November, 1949 in the Constituent Assembly. […]

Few Articles and Poems (2)

Purshottam Lal, IPS, Punjab   Hindustan Times, October 16, 2017(Spice of life column) Short course that changed my life’s course P. Lal   I disliked people heavy on the scales. This probably impelled me to put the pot-bellied policemen, working under me, on the mat, literally, to do front rolls and back rolls and a […]

Few Articles and Poems (1)

Purshottam Lal, IPS, Punjab   Middle: The Tribune, December 7, 2001 Passing the test! P. Lal   The minister’s countenance showed curiosity and amusement. I had just finished explaining to him the police side of a case. I had spoken in Punjabi, a language at which I was yet imperfect. I had spoken haltingly, and […]

Once upon a time, there was a tavern…

Prodipto Ghosh, IAS, AGMUT   As we await our turn in the Departure Lounge, our thoughts turn naturally towards the question of whether the long ride to the airport was worth our while… In my case, one part, all things considered, was certainly memorable: an extension of my undergraduate years, as an IAS probationer.   […]