Steel Frame to Plastic Frame

A recent proposal from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to modify the existing recruitment process of civil servants has sent shivers across the Civil Service aspirants community. In the existing recruitment process, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), a constitutional body under Article 316, conducts the 3-stage Civil Services Examination and recruits candidates for allocation […]

How many answers should one write daily as part of Mains preparation before the Prelims?

Hi , Before you ask this question ,you should understand the relevance of answer writing in Mains . Every student who has cleared Prelims and is writing Mains has similar and same amount of knowledge when compared to his competitor. Students who have followed the same notes of a teacher /institute/material score differently .Why ? […]


BROUGHT TO YOU BY OFFICERS IAS ACADEMY   STEP 1 Try to locate the relevance of the editorial in the context of the Syllabus For ex :- Place notes of editorials on AFSPA or Left Wing Extremism under the Internal Security topic ➢  This would  ensure you  stick solely to the syllabus ➢  Help in  aggregating […]

Myths around IAS preparation

Myth 1 – You need to be extremely intelligent to crack this exam. And the truth is – ‘Israel Jebasingh ,an average student of a middle class background cleared UPSC without learning any rocket science .’ Myth 2 – You should study for 16 hours a day . And the truth is – I was […]

How effective are online classes for IAS preparation?

With time,a lot of things evolve .Till a decade before ,we believed in the traditional teacher-student classroom model of teaching . Even as teachers we believed in the efficiency of the classroom model till a few years back .And suddenly the YouTube revolution and the convenience of online education caught our attention .And we decided […]

How does a UPSC aspirant plan a day ?

We have heard great lines and great people talk about planning and it’s importance . And this concept of planning has attracted interest from researchers to management scientists. A lot of answers on Quora have laid down a day’s schedule of a UPSC aspirant ,which is worth emulating . However I believe planning is an […]

How to choose optional subject for UPSC ?

Usually a candidate chooses his optional considering one of the following factors : 1.Take the same optional his room mate/friend/senior has taken. 2.Try to find out which optional was given highest marks in previous years and take that. 3. Depending on the goodwill of a particular coaching institute. 4. Subject of graduation 5.Blind choice -Inky […]