The Himalayan Trekking- An ultimate workout for life Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (Shortly known as LBSNAA) is the most craved for desire and a destination of an UPSC aspirant. The name ‘LBSNAA’ itself stirs the fire of enthusiasm in us. Often we have a strong urge to know, what exactly happens there? […]

Memory Hacks

This article deep dives into the science behind memory. This will help us channelize the science behind memory formation into results. This is a useful insight to many aspirants as they deal a large body of knowledge that is constantly streaming to them. Knowing how memory works can optimise the way you study, and how […]

Strategy GS-IV Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude

Ethics,Integrity and aptitude as a subject has  been incorporated into mains examination with an aim to teach students what a civil servant should be. It checks basic ethical values in civil services  aspirant rather than just information and memory. The basic ethical values known as the foundational values are based on neutrality,integrity,concern for weaker sections with […]

Approach to CSE Mains – GS Papers 1,2,3 and 4

Mains Answer Writing Strategy Civil Services is not about choosing the potential writers rather the administrators delivering the required . Writing is the only way the examiner evaluates the level of understanding of an aspirant on various topics, his/her ability to deal with unexpected situations and eventually the potential as a civil servant. In order […]

How Luck happens?

‘Good luck’ wishes floods in from our near and dear ones when we are about to attempt something good, greater and grand in life. It can be while taking up an examination, attending an interview board, presenting your first thesis, arriving at a new business opportunity or anything that demands our involvement  towards what we […]

The 5 second rule: That can change you

Are you afraid of failure? Do you lack self-confidence? Is there a point where you find no motivation around to stick to the goal? Are you postponing your daily resolutions? Are you trying to find comfort in sleeping an hour extra while finding no way out of the lame excuses? Do you have gratifying urges? […]

General Skills for UPSC : Part 1

Learning to Approach a Topic: With respect to learning, an important task that we struggle with is the art of learning. As students many of us developed bad habits like cramming the night before a test or rote memorization. It is these bad habits that we need to unlearn. What worked in school with varying […]

Weekly Summaries

One cannot emphasise the importance of reviewing your notes for preparing for any exam. It is vital for any serious aspirant to learn and review their learnings as frequently as possible. One of the ways a serious aspirant can get ahead is to prepare a weekly summary. What: A weekly summary is exactly like it […]