How to choose an optional subject  from the list of optional subjects given in UPSC CSE notification? First shortlist two to three subjects as per your interest Review past years question paper Check for yourself which subject you are able to understand without much difficulty What is Sociology? It is a systematic and scientific study […]

The Practising Mind by Thomas Sterner

The Practicing Mind : Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life by Thomas M. Sterner Why should you as a civil services aspirant read this ? Most of us have felt performance anxiety at some point in our preparation. Whether it is completing the syllabus or finishing a question paper within 3 hours. This anxiety […]

UPSC Mains : Knowledge to Marks Conversion

“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat” This should be your moto while preparing for the Main Examination. In preparation for the Main Exam, it is extremely important to recognize that “good knowledge” does not automatically translate itself into “good answers”. Here are some tips to effectively convert your effort […]

UPSC Mains : How to Approach the Essay Paper

Looking at the trend in Essay topics over the last 25 years, one can identify 7 broad areas under which most of them would fall, with a little bit of over-lap. I would identify them as the following Economy and socio-economic development Democracy and Good Governance Societal Issues : primarily women-centric ones Quotations that bring […]

Why Multi-tasking is a Myth?

This blog post is about how “doing it all” at the same time gets nothing done. Before you read this, take a minute to grasp this. How many tabs are open on your browser right now? How many books on different subjects are in front of you? How many WhatsApp threads are open?   If […]

How to study like a UPSC Topper

Do you often find yourself stuck with just one book for far too long or taking perhaps 4 hours to finish The Hindu Newspaper? Here are some tips to make your preparation – effective, efficient and as result-focused as a topper’s. Divide your goal into micro goals  Even mothers employ this technique in feeding their […]

What Mistakes one should avoid while preparing for the IAS / Civil Services Examination?

Small things go a long way. The following are some mistakes an aspirant can avoid while preparing Skipping the basics By basics I mean, NCERTs, The Hindu newspaper, Yojana and Kuruskshetra magazines. Reading them religiously and making your own notes is your fundamental duty for both Prelims as well as mains. The UPSC market is […]