Time is precious and the time that is gone never returns back .We can never have more than 24 hours in a day and that is why ‘time’ stands so crucial. But why managing time needs special efforts for Civil Services examination? Civil services examination process takes a time period extending up to almost a […]


The Civil services examination comprises of three successive stages: Stage I: Preliminary Examination is of objective type that shortlists candidates for the Main Examination. Stage II: Main Examination comprises of written test. Stage III: Candidates obtaining minimum qualifying marks in the written part of the Main Examination as fixed by the Commission are summoned for […]

Deep Work

As the technological advances change the culture of the world around us, the rules for who define success are also likely to change. In this tech savvy world, success is defined by those of us who are Owners of capital or those of us who have access to capital or wealth. Those who can work […]

Active Reading

Active reading is a technique that is often used by students to deeply engage with the concepts and ideas from important text books. This is a method of reading with the intention of summarising the most important information by engaging with said content through the following 5 reading strategies. Pseudo Skimming: Pseudo Skimming is a […]


As an UPSC aspirant, not only do we have so many syllabus related books to read, but also series of tests, and multiple revisions to do. Many of us after seeing the heading of the article would have thought, who has the time to read all these? But before you start looking at the curated […]

Disciples of Discipline

Self-discipline is about leaning into resistance. Taking action in spite of how you feel. Living a life by design, not by default. But most importantly, it’s acting in accordance with your thoughts – not your feelings.- Samuel Davies. Change is the corner stone of human condition. Without change, we would stagnate and perish as creatures who are incapable of change or evolution […]