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How can I learn to focus well?

One of the problems my students constantly face is the inability to focus on the work at hand. It is a problem that merits attention due to the advantages of enhancing concentration and focus. Controlling one’s attention requires concentration. As the top IAS Academy in Chennai that has produced many splendid civil servants, Officers IAS Academy suggests you carefully go through this article and incorporate points that can be used in your preparation.


Factors affecting concentration

On certain days, it feels like there are constant attempts to distract us. In actuality, both internal and exterior, or environmental, variables influence concentration. Understanding what’s currently interfering with attention and memory might help you learn how to enhance these skills.

  • Inadequate sleep- Lack of sleep has been linked to decreased attentiveness and slower mental processes. You can get disoriented and find it harder to concentrate. Your capacity to carry out tasks, particularly those that require reasoning or logic, may be negatively impacted as a result. Your focus and memory are further impacted by chronically bad sleep.
  • Environment – The surroundings might influence your concentration depending on what you are doing. Naturally, excessive noise is an issue, but a lot of individuals also have trouble focusing when it is too quiet.
  • Eating patterns – What we eat affects how we feel throughout the day, including how alert and clear our minds are. Memory loss, weariness, and lack of attention are just a few of the symptoms we start to face if we don’t provide our brains with the right nutrition. Because the brain requires specific necessary fatty acids, low-fat diets can impair concentration.
  • Distraction- In the course of accomplishing anything, we are constantly inundated with fresh and outdated information. According to research, the mere sight of our smartphone causes our capacity to focus on becoming impaired since our brains are so wired for this distraction.
  • Not enough physical activity- Your muscles may tighten up if you don’t engage in any physical exercise. Your neck, shoulder, and chest could feel tight, and it might impair your ability to focus.


How to improve focus

  1. Maintain your priorities in mind – In this case, self-help is essential. Nobody else is going to stop you from doing what you want, but if you don’t achieve your goals, you’ll be the one who suffers the repercussions. Keep in mind that there is a reason you are in college, and if that purpose is forgotten, nothing else will make sense.
  2. Set study objectives – Start with the fundamentals and identify your objectives. Ask yourself why you are attending this institution and, like me, perhaps traveling halfway around the world for this chance. Having fun is undoubtedly a solution, but it’s not the main one. Knowing your goals is the first step toward success.
  3. Say no when needed – You don’t have to stop participating in social events, but you do need to take some actions. If you have unfinished syllabus, be bold to tell others you’re busy. Simply put, learn to say no when you really ought to.
  4. Create a weekly study schedule – After deciding what you want, the following step is to create a schedule for your studies. Establish a schedule for everything. Your schedule can indicate what time you should eat, when you should go to bed, and — most importantly — when you should study. There is no set guideline, although you should, of course, give yourself some leeway depending on how things turn out. Establishing a habit is crucial, so do your best to adhere to your study schedule. Follow up with continuous mock tests to further sharpen your skills. If you are worried about time management, click here to see the video of Mr. Rangarajan IAS where he explains the tricks in time management.


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