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How do I start the online preparation of the UPSC for UPSC CSE 23?

Congratulations on making a bold decision to appear for the civil services exam. You are now going to acquire knowledge that spans multiple subjects and at the end of the process, I assure you, you will be a learned person. The UPSC Civil Services Examination syllabus is an overall compilation of General Studies which include Polity, Economics, Geography, History, etc. If you have lesser means to appear for offline classes, then you have two options to proceed with: 1) Either start a self-study with a solid timetable, or 2) Join an online class by the best IAS Academy that support you every step of the way. I will explain both the options briefly so that you may choose accordingly.


If you wish to do self-preparation, then you have to ensure that your basics are rock solid. For this, cover the NCERTs and then proceed to any reference textbooks. As the UPSC prefers conceptual clarity over rote learning, ensure that you go through the NCERTs in a way that you understand the underlying information. Supplement this with reference textbooks for each subject along with practice tests( prelims and mains) till you are confident enough. Make sure that the tests you take are qualitative as the questions have to be on par with the UPSC standard. While doing all of the above, stick to the syllabus to ensure that you don’t get overburdened with the knowledge that you have to assimilate.


The Online Foundation Course is designed for working professionals and college students with other responsibilities who want to pass the UPSC/IAS Exam from the convenience of their own homes. If you wish to take an online course, then there are a few advantages that you have. Not only does an online course can guide you every step of the way which can save your time, especially if you are working, but it will also ensure that everything that is needed can be found in one place. Some of the advantages of the Online Foundation Course offered at Officers’ IAS Academy are:

  • Experienced faculties who have cleared the UPSC/IAS exam
  • Chance for live participation in the doubt clearing session held after each lecture.
  • Recordings to students who may have missed the class due to emergencies.
  • Weekly tests that are held online and test results with detailed analysis of the test performance
  • Robust online infrastructure and technical expertise along with a student portal.
  • Dedicated current affairs magazines that are prelims cum mains oriented.
  • Mentoring program
  • Materials needed for the UPSC/IAS exam, which will be sent by courier
  • Complete coverage through the syllabus through the Prelims cum Mains approach

The students opting for the online foundation course receive all the benefits of the classroom program with the bonus of convenient timing and repetitive learning. As you can view the lectures multiple times, you can go back and review what you learned. This can increase your grasp of the subject matter. Click here to watch the sample videos of our classes for a better understanding.


Be it self-study or online classes; kindly remember that you are going to appear for one of the most prestigious exams in the country. This exam demands perseverance and dedication from your end to win this game, which is achievable through constant revision and conceptual understanding. Once you start the journey to become a civil servant, then let go of your ego and make use of every bit of the opportunity to better yourself. Our job at Officers’ IAS Academy is to hold your hand in this journey until you become the best version of yourself and achieve your dream. I wish you the very best in this beautiful endeavor of yours.




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