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How do I manage UPSC preparation along with a 10-hour hectic schedule in IT? Is it possible to do justice to UPSC preparations and prepare well?

If you have decided to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Exam, I must emphasize the importance of perseverance, dedication, and hard work. As the IAS exam expects you to cover a vast syllabus and as the stages of the exam are objective, subjective, and a Personal Interview respectively, one has to put in a certain amount of time to see your name on the final list. Ideally speaking, an aspirant has to put in an average of 6-8 hours every day. For those who are working, especially in the IT sector, success can be achieved with minor tweaks to the preparation pattern. I will explain the tips that you should incorporate into your IAS preparation.


  1. Tailor-made timetable- As you are working, the need for a timetable cannot be stressed enough. I must explicitly mention that you should not blindly follow someone else’s timetable. Start studying once you are ready, and slowly form the timetable that suits your needs as well as time constraints. If you are working, make sure to utilize every spare minute you have to cover your syllabus. For example, you may use your time wisely while you commute, eat, etc. Try to cover the current affairs while you get such time as a good current affairs compilation, like Officers’ Pulse, is designed in such a way that information can be easily grasped in a short period.
  2. Studying the syllabus- Going through the syllabus is not enough, but you must understand and comprehend the prelims/mains syllabus. This would help you understand the nature of the exam as well as help you avoid studying unwanted portions.
  3. Previous Years Question Papers-Go through them to fully comprehend how questions are asked by the UPSC and accordingly make any change in your preparation.
  4. Covering the syllabus- Since there is a paucity of time in your preparation, covering the syllabus would improve your score in the exam and for this, an online course would typically suit your needs. For example, you may join Officers IAS Academy’s Online Foundation Course, which is designed for students who have time constraints but require the best IAS coaching experience. They are streamed live and you may participate in the live question and answer session that follows each lecture. They also provide recordings for students who were unable to attend class. Weekly examinations will be held online, with results and a full analysis of test performance supplied so that students may focus on their particular strengths and shortcomings. Students who choose the online foundation course get all of the benefits of the classroom curriculum plus the convenience of scheduling and repetition.
  5. Making the required sacrifice- Every minute matters and you are expected to devote them to your preparation completely. Kindly refrain from using social media and unwanted social gatherings like parties.


There are many examples of aspirants who cracked the IAS exam while working. Click here to go through the video by Mittali Sethi IAS, a student of Officers IAS Academy who cracked this exam while working. Mr. Rangarajan IAS who is a Faculty in Officers IAS Academy who is a Chartered Accountant & Cost Accountant also cleared UPSC CSE while working for Private Bank. Watch his video by clicking here, where he talks about how he managed time.

What matters the most, as I have said before, is the commitment toward your goal and fighting for it.

I wish you the best in your preparation and I look forward to seeing the future civil servants.



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