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I am starting answer writing. What is required in the UPSC?

Many of the UPSC IAS aspirants are concerned and confused about starting answer writing for UPSC Mains exams. As crucial as studying the subject content itself is, learning how to write effective answers for the IAS mains exam. This is because, at the end of the day, what you have put in the answer booklet is what matters, regardless of what you have read, studied, or practiced. Your grades are based only on what the examiner reads in the form of your answers; the numerous hours you spent studying will have no bearing on how well you perform. Therefore, it should go without saying that the answers you write must be appropriate and consistent. Practice answering particular question categories to understand the nature of the exam.. To further develop your abilities, be sure to fully utilize internet resources like Previous Years’ Questions and question banks. This is why Officers IAS Academy is one of the top IAS Academies in India as we pass on the knowledge to our students in a tailor-made way.

Basics of Answer writing that you should follow

  • Briefly describe the problem, then provide valid arguments, followed by a succinct resolution.
  • Consider ways to make the issue simpler. Avoid using technical words unless absolutely required and speak clearly.
  • Give precise, lucid examples to support your points.
  • Limit the number of words in your response. Divide your article into fewer, simpler-to-read paragraphs if you can, with the help of subheadings.
  • When required, use numbered or bulleted lists to make sure all pertinent information is included.
  • Point-style writing is more popular in general studies than paragraph form, while paragraph style writing is used for essays. For Optional, writing in paragraph style is popular.

What Qualities Make Up a Good Answer That Will Get You High Marks?

  1. Structure: Introduction+Body+Conclusion
  2. Presentation: The use of flowcharts and diagrams should make it easier to read.
  3. Novelty: How unique your answers are and how it differs from others. For this, Create flow charts, tables, and diagrams.
  4. Examples and illustrations: Gather some excellent examples from newspapers and different government reports.
  5. Content: Since content is given more weightage than other aspects, if managed to some extent could get you good marks. However, if you want to receive above-average or exceptional marks, you need to focus on virtually all of the qualities.
  6. Language
  7. Legible Handwriting

How can I begin practicing writing answers for the UPSC?

  • The UPSC Mains paper is a challenging undertaking in and of itself, and many aspirants fall short of finishing it owing to poor time management in the exam room. To practice and plan their time management, candidates must begin responding to the writing practice questions before the exam. Usually, one must acquire fundamental information before beginning their answer writing practice. The applicants can next review the UPSC previous years’ papers to have a better idea of the types of questions that will be asked in the Mains Exam.
  • Daily answers to two to three questions may be found in editorials from The Hindu Newspaper, which will also aid in building a thorough knowledge of a certain subject and provide tips on how to write thoroughly.
  • Candidates who have sufficient information, good time management skills, and practice writing answers would have no trouble passing UPSC Mains. Click here to try our free answer writing platform to polish you skills.

The only thing that is necessary for an ideal UPSC response is solid content, so start building the necessary qualities. The answer will receive points if it contains very solid information since UPSC focuses mostly on your content’s quality while evaluating the answer. You may also join Officers IAS Academy’s offline/online programmes, which is designed for students who want the best IAS coaching. Our methodology is created and taught by experts who have not only passed every stage of the UPSC examination but have also gone on to serve this country with distinction. We are the only IAS Academy founded by a group of like-minded former civil servants. Our coaching method has produced many civil servants and if you wish to see the video of two such aspirants who got IAS and IPS in their very first attempt, then click here. I wish you well with your studies and am eager to meet future civil servants.



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