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What are the 3 highly significant tips or advice you would like to give a UPSC fresher?

The UPSC Civil Services / IAS exam is one of the most prestigious and coveted exams in India and perhaps in the world. Every year, lakhs of students appear for this exam for serving our country as IAS/IPS/IFS officers. For UPSC freshers, the journey that you are going to take will be ardent yet beautiful. Every fresher must have the curiosity of a young child and continue having that quality to keep learning about various things till the end. In the process, you may learn new things throughout the journey. But, if you would ask me what the 3 significant tips or advice I would like to give a UPSC fresher, the following 3 would be my choices. The same is being taught to our students at Officers IAS Academy; the best IAS coaching academy in Chennai.


  1. Strong foundation- As long as you are not having a strong foundation, that is to learn without completing the basics, the UPSC IAS exam is going to be extremely tough. As the questions asked (be it in the Prelims, Mains, or the Interview), you will not be able to comprehend and produce an answer without knowing the basics of that topic. UPSC discourages aspirants to mug up information and they strive to look for candidates with critical and analytical thinking. This stems from a basic foundational knowledge that is improved throughout your study journey. For creating a strong foundation, start with the NCERTs and continue revising them till you are satisfied. If you think that you need free copies of NCERTs, then you can get them from our website by clicking here. Also, Click here to take the free NCERT-based tests to check your knowledge of NCERTs, once you have finished with it.
  2. Previous Years’ Questions- “Learn from the past, analyze from your mistakes”- this should be your motto while preparing for the IAS exam. Continue solving the question papers of the IAS exam so that you can understand the type of questions that are being asked and also sharpen your knowledge in the process. When you solve these questions, you will automatically be trained to solve similar questions in the future. Click here to access the Previous Years’ Questions by the UPSC Civil Services Exam.
  3. Burning Desire- Any aspirant, must and shall continue to have it till they clear the IAS exam. This is the single biggest character trait that you must possess- to have the fighting spirit till you achieve your dream. Continue believing in yourself and take care of yourself- physically and mentally while traveling this long road.


Our methodology is created and taught by experts who have not only passed every stage of the UPSC examination but have also gone on to serve this country with distinction. We are the only IAS Academy founded by a group of like-minded former civil servants that has incorporated the much-required mental techniques into the teaching curriculum. Our coaching method has produced many civil servants and if you wish to see the video of two such aspirants who got IAS and IPS on their very first attempt, then click here. Consider joining our academy’s various programs where our faculties (who are Ex-IAS officers) would handhold you through the preparation for the best IAS coaching experience, both offline and online. I wish you the best in your Civil Services journey.




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