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What happens after I register for the UPSC one-time registration?

A major modification to the online application procedure for the numerous exams the UPSC administers has been made with the introduction of the “One Time Registration” (OTR) service. This action is anticipated to simplify the application procedure for the tens of thousands of candidates who sit for several examinations each year, including the UPSC Civil Services/ IAS exam. The “One Time Registration” (OTR) platform has been made available on the UPSC’s websites on a round-the-clock basis.

Candidates must register on the OTR platform by providing the requested basic personal information if they intend to take UPSC exams in the future. After an aspirant has completed the registration process, the information will be safely kept on the servers of the UPSC. The “One Time Registration” (OTR) service has been launched to make it easier for candidates for its Examinations to submit their applications. It was developed by the UPSC to streamline online applications and cut down on the time it takes for applicants to apply online. Aspiring UPSC applicants may utilize this feature to save their personal information and other pertinent information on the websites, and the portal will keep them for future usage.

Up until recently, applicants who were taking several tests had to provide their personal information each time they applied online through the UPSC’s official website. Candidates may now keep their personal information and retrieve it while applying for multiple tests thanks to this mechanism. Through this service, around 70% of the information will now be automatically filled in. This not only saves applicants time but also lessens the possibility of mistakes while submitting applications online.


How to register?

Step 1: Open the website upsconline.nic.in


Step 3: Students must provide their basic information, including Name, Father’s and Mother’s Names, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, etc.

Step 4: Verify Your OTR Profile Information & Complete Registration.

Step 5: The applicant will receive an OTP on his registered email and cellphone number, which he/she must input.

Step 6: After completing the registration procedure, the candidate will see their OTR ID on the screen. The OTR profile may now be printed off or screenshot by the candidate.

Step 7: The applicant must now log in. To do so, the candidate must input his mobile number, email address, or OTR ID in addition to the OTP that will be sent to his/her registered email and cellphone.

Step 8: Modify the OTR ID password for UPSC.

Step 9: The UPSC OTR registration procedure for the applicant is now complete. The candidate may now apply from any new applications that are released and can also access the history of previous applications from those same applications. Download and save a copy of the OTR form.


What could be the benefits?

The OTR will be very helpful for the candidates as it will not only prevent them from having to fill out their basic personal information again for any subsequent UPSC examinations, but it will also eliminate any chance that they will submit inaccurate information because their basic personal information will be verified by the candidates themselves. Information about a candidate will be filled up automatically in the online application form for the examination they are applying for.


I request every aspirant to make use of this service, especially if you are planning to appear for various exams conducted by the UPSC. Kindly go through the FAQ by clicking here, in case you have further doubts. For any questions and doubts related to the Civil Services/IAS exam, feel free to contact us at +919677174226/ info@localhost. If you are looking forward to starting your Civil Services journey, consider joining our offline/online programs as we offer the best IAS coaching as we are one of the top IAS academies in India.



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