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How do I clear the UPSC prelims 2023?

Prelims is the first stage of the civil services exam and as the success rate of clearing this stage is just around 1%, continuous self-evaluation is the key to success. There are a few techniques to help any aspirant realize where they stand in their preparation. Kindly remember that as long as an aspirant is ready to correct themselves and focus on betterment rather than regret, prelims can be easily cracked. Below given are some of the tips that help your preparation, before attempting the prelims


How should you approach the Prelims 2023?

  • You may start focusing on your Prelims only preparation from January-February. Till then you can employ a Prelims cum Mains approach.
  • You should ensure that you are well-versed in the reference books that can help you answer the static questions  asked in the Prelims. Static Questions from Polity, History( Modern India, Medieval India, Ancient India), Art and Culture, Geography, Economy, etc. can be answered with great precision by having a firm grip over the basic reference texts.
  • Intelligent guessing techniques- Use this to answer questions that you are unable to answer using your knowledge. At Officers’ IAS Academy, we teach our students these highly efficient techniques that greatly improved the scores of our students, making us the best IAS Academy in Chennai.  Click hereto watch the Intelligent Guessing Techniques
  • Mock test series-This helps holistically portray your preparation level. They are designed to cover every major subject of the prelims syllabus and improve your knowledge in the process. Right before the prelims, the focus must shift to Full-Length Mock Tests, which are designed on the lines of the actual prelims pattern. The new style of mock test series designed at Officers’ IAS Academy contains UPSC-level questions, elaborate and precise explanations, and a discussion post the exam for doubt clarifications. Additionally, we have introduced “value-added notes” related to that topic and retrospective analysis of your answers, which will quantify your confidence, guess-taking ability, and risk management.
  • Previous Year’s Questions-The pattern of any exam is based on the questions that have been asked before. Hence, every aspirant must go through the previous prelims papers and familiarize themselves with the questions asked. Even though UPSC tries to break the norm of predictability of the prelims by putting in surprise elements each year, there are always cues that can be picked up from these questions. While going through it, understand the nature of the questions asked and reflect on yourself whether the knowledge that you have acquired is helpful enough in answering them. This is how an aspirant can realize where he/she stands in their preparation. If you are feeling that certain areas have been missed out, then try to answer as many questions as you can from that particular area from mock tests and reference textbooks.


Important pointers for the final 3 months

  1. Avoid wasting time on negative feelings and use every moment for good.
  2. Stop trying to memorize every single piece of information. Just keep in mind a few crucial ones. Understanding the logic behind each question is more crucial, though.
  3. Revise subjects and chapters that can help you ace static questions. Spend more time on topics like Polity, Economy, Modern India, etc.
  4. Revise the books and materials you previously studied.
  5. Religiously follow your tests and learn from them. The tests of Officers’ IAS Academy have been carefully curated to best mimic the actual IAS Prelims exam, making us one of the best IAS academies that create consistent results.
  6. Give the needed attention to CSATs.


The importance of Prelims cannot be stressed enough as even the deserving aspirants may fail this stage due to its uncertain nature. Hence I request every aspirant to take the upcoming Prelims 2023 seriously and give enough importance to the above-given pointers, especially the Prelims Mock Test Series. Here, the marks that an aspirant gets are a reflection of your UPSC preparation, and appropriate changes must be incorporated as per the results that you get in the test. For example, if you are not getting enough marks in a subject like Polity which has high weightage in the prelims, then allow extra time for that subject in the final days of the preparation.  Click here to join the mock test series offered by Officers’ IAS Academy to maximize your chance of acing Prelims.



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