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How can I utilize this time from November 2022 to May 2023 for the prelims 2023 UPSC CSE?

With about six months to Prelims 2023, it is time to make some changes to your preparation now. Gradually incorporate these changes into your preparation and ensure that you are giving your full attention to the IAS exam. Go through the pointers below to understand what the required changes are.


  • Wrapping up your optional- By December-January, try to finish your optional preparation and focus on its revision alone. Till then you may allocate approximately 30% of your study time for your optional and post-January, focus more on the Prelims and you may brush up on your optional once in a while using your revision notes to be in touch.
  • Starting Mock test series-This displays your degree of preparation holistically. They are intended to cover all of the key topics on the prelims syllabus while also enhancing your understanding. Before the prelims, attention must turn to full-length practice exams that follow the format of the real UPSC prelims. The new series of mock tests created by Officers’ IAS Academy includes questions that are on par with the UPSC, detailed and accurate explanations, and a discussion after the test for doubt clarifications. We’ve also included “value-added remarks” about it and conducted a retrospective analysis of your responses, which will assess your level of confidence, your capacity for guessing, and your risk-taking. We are one of the top IAS academies with reliable outcomes since the exams at Officers’ IAS Academy have been meticulously selected to most closely resemble the actual IAS Prelims exam.

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  • Recognizing the trend- there is no set pattern when it comes to the IAS exam, but by looking at question papers from prior years’ examinations, you can tell which section UPSC frequently asks questions about and why. Hence, every aspirant must go through the previous prelims papersand familiarize themselves with the questions asked.
  • CSAT- Start attempting CSAT-related tests from this point. Ensure  that you cover all the areas- Comprehension, Analytical, Reasoning, etc so that you clear the paper with ease.
  • Following a proper timetable- Make use of the time whenever you can. Aspirants must snatch even a few minutes wherever they can eg. Studying while using public transport as our Faculty Mr. Rangarajan IAS says who used to even do mental revision if the crowded public transport didn’t permit the use of a book. Click hereto see the video of Mr. Rangarajan IAS.
  • Revision- Start revising the reference textbooks from this point. The more you revise, the more your expertise on the specific subject will increase. Try not to study new books, instead focus on revising till you are completely confident about them. This solidifies the basics and helps you in answering static questions and aids you in answering current affairs-related questions.


It is upsetting at times to witness aspirants lose track and slip farther and farther away from realizing their goals. To aid millions of our people, you have embarked on an unbelievable adventure, and in this exam, every moment matters. Watch the video where I have explained the daily routine of a topper so that you can apply some of them to your preparation. Join our offline/online programs as we offer the best IAS coaching that is well crafted to suit the needs of every aspirant. I wish you the best in your preparation.


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