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What are the mistakes that the UPSC Civil Services aspirant makes despite working so hard?

Any student can pass the UPSC Civil Service IAS exam, contrary to the prevalent notion that only those who are academically bright and exceptionally intellectual can succeed. But occasionally, a student’s progress might be hampered by a few of their personal qualities. If an aspirant keeps making these errors, success will never actually be a reality for them. When they exercise these habits frequently, they develop a permanent character and do poorly in the UPSC CSE IAS exam. Here are a few qualities that, if a student has them, will prevent them from passing the exam.


  1. Preparation without analysis- Recognize the requirements of the exam, whether it be the preliminary, main, or interview. The question papers from previous years are crucial in this situation. They offer useful details on what to anticipate on the exam and how to best prepare. Only if you do a thorough study can you correctly determine the kind of questions UPSC ask from each subject and how to respond to them.
  2. The ludicrous presentation- This is applicable in Mains—Some students write what they know instead of what they ought to. Simply filling out the answer sheet will not guarantee success. The question must be comprehended, the thoughts must be organized appropriately, and the response must be concise and logical.
  3. Improper preparation of Current Affairs– The single most crucial trait to watch out for in civil services is a lack of knowledge of current events and the reasons behind them. Whether you are preparing for the prelims, mains, or interview, current affairs cover a wide range of topics. Every response you give will be related to the one before it in some way. Your prospects of succeeding are minimal if you are behind the times in current affairs. Frequently read the Hindu daily and reputable magazines like Officers’ Pulse to stay updated on current events. This is one of the reasons why we have continuously made toppers and have become one of the best IAS coaching institutes in India. Click hereto watch the video of our student Sivanandham(AIR-87), who used ONLY Officers’ Pulse to achieve this feat in his very first attempt.
  4. The schedule- Your schedule indicates how committed you are to succeeding. If one is missing from your planning, your journey will have no direction. Without a schedule, you won’t know what has been covered and what hasn’t, which is important information. Each student’s schedule must be unique and cannot be a duplicate of another student’s. Therefore, in our mentoring program at Officers’ IAS Academy, we individually assist each aspirant in making one, making us the best IAS academy in Chennai. If you are worried about time management, click hereto see the video of Mr. Rangarajan IAS where he explains the tricks in time management. Also, watch the video where I have explained the daily routine of a topper so that you can apply some of them to your preparation.
  5. The last-minute runner- Let me respectfully remind you that the UPSC IAS exam is not like the typical college exam, which one may pass by preparing a few days beforehand. Consistency and perseverance are the two crucial traits an aspirant needs to succeed. You should persistently study every day till you pass the exam.
  6. A lack of motivation- While preparing, you are sure to make lots of blunders. And on this trip, that is very normal. The only thing you need to be careful about is not failing to correct your mistakes. The instant you begin studying without taking stock of your previous work, the process turns robotic with no hint of improvement. Errors will keep happening, and there won’t be much room for progress.
  7. The mugging- This is not a test in which you must accurately repeat information to pass. Here, you must put what you’ve learned to use and come up with your analysis of the problem. You cannot pass this exam by cramming facts in haste. Unlike exams that solely test memory, the UPSC IAS exam tests your memory together with your analytical thinking, presentational abilities, and application skills. You must approach an issue in the test the same way you would in everyday life, according to UPSC.


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