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How were your initial days of UPSC preparation?

The most important step is always the first one you take. Even though you may be experiencing fears and hesitations about the unknown future you will confront after taking the step, you now have the guts to begin something new. When you decide to begin your UPSC IAS journey, the same thing takes place. Your first excursion will be euphoric, and you’ll feel content and joyful since you have good goals and are discovering a ton of fantastic information that expands your knowledge and perspective. The upcoming months will reveal both your finest and worst traits. All of the emotions you experience are normal and should be recognized and dealt with for the greatest results.

  • Overconfidence: Civil service preparing reference materials are pretty basic. In the beginning, one can even believe that it is simple to figure out. When one is fresh out of college, this occurs since the typical college test just requires the replication of information on the exam paper. After the initial shock, you will realize that what distinguishes the CSE is not the knowledge but the application component.
  • The Oceanic Syllabus: Despite the ease of study, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of information you need to acquire. After the overconfidence phase is passed, the doubts begin to surface. Simply take it slowly. Make sure you understand the fundamentals of the syllabus by studying it at your own pace. Only continue after you have finished the entire syllabus.
  • Too many books: People who believe the illusion that UPSC wants them to be experts in every field tend to buy every book titled “Civil Service Preparation” and devour it cover to cover. Many people do not realize that you should only be familiar with the fundamentals and not the entire book. Instead of reading all the books in vain, keep reading the fundamental texts until you understand them.
  • Competing with everyone: During the early stage, you will likely compete with everyone. There are just too many candidates attempting to pass this exam, and when the competition gets to you, your attention starts to wane. The entire trip is demanding and drawn out. You are only in competition with yourself. You will become worn out if you have to compete with everyone. Keeping it to yourself will make you better every day
  • Confusion about the Timetable: When there is too much to learn, the execution phase might be difficult to understand. Here is when a timetable comes in handy. However, in the beginning, it may be difficult to stick to the schedule since you could need additional time to understand anything, which makes the schedule appear unrealistic. But once you’ve finished the books, you’ll need one since it gives your preparation solidity. for a long time is to revise frequently. As a result, set aside some time each day for revision. If you are worried about time management, click here to see the video of Mr. Rangarajan IAS where he explains the tricks in time management. Teaching such value-added classes along with the best IAS coaching makes us one of the top IAS academies in India
  • Afraid of Mistakes: At this stage, you will undoubtedly make a lot of mistakes. The important thing to keep in mind is that you should have the bravery to acknowledge these flaws. The first error you make is refusing to acknowledge your faults. They serve as a mirror of your preparedness, and by learning from them, you have the chance to become a better person.
  • Looking for a Strategy: Every top student who passed the UPSC IAS exam will have a plan. As soon as the preparation process begins, you’ll make a valiant effort to identify the winning master approach. The reality is that neither you nor anybody else should attempt to duplicate the Master Strategy on the first try. As you prepare, your approach develops together with you every day.


I want to reassure everyone that feeling all the above emotions are normal. Instead of letting the obvious flaws persist and impair your preparation, you should just leave and set things right. Since every aspirant encounters problems of this nature, some genuinely qualified applicants tend to divert and squander their chances. As a result, we developed our mentorship program, which has helped us establish ourselves as the top IAS academy in Chennai. Senior staff members who are knowledgeable about this test will mentor and coach you. Watch the video where the daily routine of a topper is explained so that you can apply some of them to your preparation. Our methodology is created and taught by experts who have not only passed every stage of the UPSC examination but have also gone on to serve this country with distinction. This is one of the reasons why we have continuously made toppers and have become one of the best IAS coaching institutes in India.


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