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What is the importance of interviews in the UPSC exam?

The third and last round of the Civil Services IAS Exam is the UPSC Interview. For the interview round, candidates who passed their Mains exam will be chosen. Each aspirant is given a time slot (forenoon or afternoon session). A typical CSE interview lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. Please keep in mind that this interview differs considerably from others you might have had during your job placements.


What happens during the UPSC IAS Interview?

A board will assess the candidate, and the board’s chairman will be a member of the UPSC. A summary of the candidate’s qualifications will be available to all Board members. The candidate will answer questions on subjects of general interest. A board of knowledgeable and objective experts will evaluate the candidate’s fitness for a career in civil services during the interview. The purpose of the interview and personality test is to assess a candidate’s mental ability, which includes assessing their academic prowess, interpersonal skills, and interest in current events. The qualities to be evaluated include mental acuity, critical assimilation abilities, clear and logical presentation, the balance of judgment, diversity, depth of interest, capacity for social cohesion and leadership, and intellectual and moral integrity.


What exactly is the IAS Interview?

The interview/personality test is not a strict cross-examination but rather a casual yet well-calculated conversation by the board intended to expose the candidate’s mental characteristics. The candidates’ general or specialized knowledge has already been evaluated through their written Mains exam, hence the interview/personality test is not intended to measure these areas of expertise. Candidates must have shown an intellectual interest in their academic specialties as well as in the world around them, both inside and outside of their state or country, as well as in contemporary currents of ideas and scientific advancements that should fascinate well-educated youngsters.


What does the UPSC IAS Interview Board look for?

As you can see, the Board places more emphasis on evaluating your mental capacity to function as a civil servant than your knowledge. This indicates that people are looking at you to respond morally uprightly and uphold the principles of the constitution. Considering that the responses are a reflection of your personality, you may utilize your expertise to support your case. The Board will assess you based on a variety of sources, including your DAF (Detailed Application Form, which includes DAF-1 and DAF-2), a compact document that contains all the pertinent facts about you, including your name, contact information, interests, and career history. Please make sure that you feel comfortable responding to any questions from these categories because the Board is counting on you to be knowledgeable about the information about you.


What are some of the tips for getting the best marks?

  • In addition to DAF questions, the Board may ask questions from any source, which you may answer if your foundation in the subjects you had studied for the Prelims/Mains is strong.
  • Do not attempt to deceive the Board while you are responding; they have spent many hours interviewing several applicants.
  • Be courteous, assured, and composed while responding, and make sure that your suggestions reflect the moral principles of our constitution while also being realistically feasible.
  • Always refer to yourself as an Indian while answering inquiries rather than merely mentioning the State you are a resident of.
  • Avoid displaying strong emotions; instead, maintain a level head, which is the characteristic of a top-notch public servant.
  • To prevent awkward facial or physical expressions, increase your confidence, and maintain control over the flow, it would be a good idea to practice this in front of a mirror.


To better grasp the interview process and learn from the experts cues, try to participate in a few mock interviews. Please make sure to revise the essential themes that have been in the news. Although the Board does not specifically assess your knowledge, it does anticipate that you will be aware of current events and plan appropriately. I want to reiterate that the Board seeks to evaluate your personality, therefore the length of the interview and the interview’s nature (whether stressful or not) should not be taken into consideration. Instead, all you need to do is exhibit the qualities of the perfect civil servant. Continue the momentum you started after Mains and concentrate on the mock interviews to earn the highest interview score. Our detailed study program brings the best IAS coaching methods and has made our academy one of the top IAS coaching institutes in India. This is the same for our Interview program which has consistently produced toppers with the highest Interview scores. For doubts and queries, about our Interview Programme, call us at +91 73977 67226. I wish you the very best in your upcoming Interview.




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