What is required to clear UPSC in first attempt ?

Be like Gandhi . Surprised ?!
Let me explain.

What did it take for Gandhi to win us freedom ?
A few many qualities which distinguished him from the rest of the world .
Here I will list down those qualities which are needed for any aspirant who is taking up competitive exams and not just IAS .

1. Never lose focus
Whether it was the Round table Conferences or Minto Morley Pact ,Gandhi was clear of his focus -Compete independence without violence .
While preparing for any competitive exam ,there are distraction and denominations in different forms. Keep your focus clear.

2. Pay attention to the process and not the results
Gandhi went on campaigning about truth and Non violence as his weapons to win independence. His belief was in the process .If he had thought of the results all the time ,he would have never got us independence.
As an aspirant ,focus on the process – your preparation,your time management ,your strategy etc. A lot of them lose their time day dreaming about success or failures . Either ways ,remember results are never in your hand .
Thats why our ancient scriptures have taught us to focus on process and not results.

3. Perseverance
Neither was Rome built in a day not was independence given in a year.

‘ It takes what it takes to get to the heights .’
UPSC preparation takes atleast a year to a few years for few. Do not give up. Perseverance is the key for success .

4. Learn to handle hurdles and failures .
Think of the hurdles Gandhi met.
Restriction of freedom of press ,Hindu Muslim divide ,difference of opinion amongst the INC, hanging of few patriots ,and what not .
Did it deter him from moving ahead ?
Absolutely no.
You may face financial issues ,moral ups and downs ,health issues or family issues during the preparation . Do not give up . Have the strength go tackle them and move ahead.

Apart from these qualities ,proper guidance of a tutor or mentor can help you clear civil services or rather any competitive exam in first attempt .

All the best ,
The writer is the Director of Officers IAS Academy, an IAS Coaching Institute in Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040

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