How to handle Emotional Stress and Distractions during IAS preparation?

A 100m race is a test of physical strength.
A marathon is a test of character.

UPSC is a marathon ,a test of your mental and emotional strength.

Why call UPSC a marathon?

1. Long years of preparation
2. Long process of 3 levels -Prelims,Mains and Interview
3. Frequent failures than success -low percentage of success and
4. They take away previous years of ones youth (21-30years)
5. High expectations from social circles once you clear Prelims.
6. Too much knowledge to acquire

If anybody reading this will take few seconds to imagine what it means ,this is what you will think of .

1. Stay away from get together and family functions
2. No celebration of birthdays or new year parties
3. No weekend parties or catching up with friends
4 .No watching too many movies
5. Not think of dating someone !!
6. No planning of holidays to Bangkok or Goa with friends etc etc

Wait !I am not trying to sound dull but this is what students think of themselves when they prepare for IAS. Life becomes too boring for them.

But the REAL TRUTH is this ,
‘When the path you have chosen becomes less motivating for you ,everything around seems more appealing and attractive . ‘
And they are called distractions – in the name of fun ,parties ,love etc etc

And also understand any person who is trying to achieve something is working day and night in his 20s. Not just IAS aspirants. Take the case of life of founders of start ups ,first generation businessmen ,aspiring actors ,singers ,artists etc.

At one point or other everyone including Narendra Modi,Ratan Tata, AR Rahman,Virat Kohli would have thought- ‘What am I doing with my youthful days ?’
They didn’t stop .Their dreams motivated them enough.

And for all such big dreamers I have just one line to say –

Do you want to be like any other 21 year old or a 21 year old whom everybody looks upto?

Answer this and then choose what you want to do !Get distracted or stay focussed?!

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