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THE LBSNAA SERIES-II MORNING PHYSICAL TRAINING AND THE HORSE RIDING Physical training or PT (as we call it) reminds us of our school days when we used to get ready with the PT uniform to the school assembly grounds and stand for 20-30 minutes under the summer sun and the winter fog stretching under the […]

Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique was invented by Francesco Crillo. The story goes that Crillo had a tomato shaped timer that he adored and used to keep his studies on track as a 1990’s college student. This system which he named “Pomodoro” has been the crown jewel in the repertoire of almost all Productivity Pundits and Time […]


Motivation is what gets you started; Habit is what keeps you going. Have you been working hard and still don’t see yourself stand out of the crowd? And, despite aiming for the stars, you find yourself just revolving around the old average ways? It even seems quite challenging in establishing certain habits from the start […]


The Himalayan Trekking- An ultimate workout for life Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (Shortly known as LBSNAA) is the most craved for desire and a destination of an UPSC aspirant. The name ‘LBSNAA’ itself stirs the fire of enthusiasm in us. Often we have a strong urge to know, what exactly happens there? […]

Memory Hacks

This article deep dives into the science behind memory. This will help us channelize the science behind memory formation into results. This is a useful insight to many aspirants as they deal a large body of knowledge that is constantly streaming to them. Knowing how memory works can optimise the way you study, and how […]