March 30, 2017
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September 27, 2017

Every aspirant knows Current affairs plays a pivotal role in every stage of civil services examination. Let it be Prelims , Mains and the final hurdle ie the Personality test , in every stage of this examination current affairs takes a lion’s share. In the preliminary stage the aspirant’s factual knowledge is evaluated, then in Mains examination his/ her analytical skills are evaluated. Finally in the Personality test an aspirants perspective of current issue  is evaluated .

The major dilemma that every aspirant will be in is  “ What are the sources of current affairs to be followed?” , “ How to effectively make notes of these current affairs for a year long preparation?” & of course “ How to remember these current affairs to retrieve efficiently during the examination”.  In order to find a novel solution for aspirants myself & my team from Officers IAS academy have analysed the importance of current affairs . From our analysis we have found the following …..

(i) Every year, Preliminary examination of civil services almost every question can be sourced from the current events. Do you remember 2016 Prelims? That year many deserving aspirants lost their chances of writing Mains because of ignoring current affairs.

(ii)In Mains stage of the examination, most of the questions that appear are triggered from current affairs. For example in 2015, “Digital India “ Programme was launched by our Prime Minister on2nd July 2015. UPSC asked a question based on this current event in the Mains examination conducted in the month of December.

General Studies – 3; Civil services (Mains 2015)

How can the ‘Digital India’ programme help farmers to improve farm productivity and income ? What steps has the Government taken in this regard ?

Take a look at the question. It’s an analytical question , isn’t it?. Thus UPSC expects the aspirants to analyse the currents events analytically.

(iii) In final stage ie Personality test . I have my own personal experience of giving 2 personality test and cracking this examination. I had more than a couple of  questions based on current events .After results were announced  I recognised that  board members evaluated my personality through the perspectives I had on the issues they asked me.

At the end of this analysis, knowing the importance of current affairs for this generation aspirants me and my team from Officers IAS Academy  have come with a one stop solution for current affairs update through our online portal . Here the current affairs information are segregated as FACTS ( for prelims ) , ANALYSIS (for mains) without information overload for aspirants. At end of every article a “ Question based on the topic “ is discussed and posted for aspirants to practice answer writing. The name of the site is derived from the term coined by Shri. Sardar Valabhai Patel to name the civil servants of our country “ Steel Frame of India” .

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